Prepare for a Home Inspection When Selling Your House


Selling home isn’t a cakewalk. It’s not just merely putting your one of the lovely Sea Pines homes for sale and getting a buyer to purchase. There is a list of things that must be followed and you will come to know about them as soon as you start with the selling process. One step that will make you the most nervous will be the home inspection. It’s a nail-biting experience when the inspector scrutinizes every inch of the house. In this article, we have made a checklist to avoid any uncertainty and make sure that everything goes on point.

Keep the house clean

The first impression is the last impression. As soon as the inspector enters a home that is clean and tidy, it’s an impactful start. Though it doesn’t really count as one of the determinants for qualifying as the ok-for-sale home. A dirty house will create an impression that the house was not well taken care of, and there are many other things which will be disappointing. So, keeping the house clean is the first in the list.

Access to every corner of the home

The home inspector needs to see the entire house thoroughly. Make sure every corner in the house is accessible. Leave no room for suspicion because that can serve to the contrary to what you expect. Clear the way to areas that are not frequently visited, and the inspector shall surely visit. From attics to furnace rooms to under sinks, make everything easy to reach.

Check the doors

It’s not a hard and fast rule, but generally, anyone who is inspecting a house will check the doors. It happens instinctively. Check every single entry of the house. Make sure the door knobs are working fine. The doors must latch into the frame without any hassle, and the door knobs mustn’t be too tight or too loose. Most of the times, the doors of the less frequently used rooms are not given much attention; now it’s the right time to have a look at them too.

Also, pay special attention to the main gates of the house, their locks must be good.

Say no to leaks and other water damages

The home inspector will leave no stone unturned to find the hidden flaws in the house. He is going to look for signs of water damage. Your job is to outsmart them, get all the leaky taps, and other water-related issues repaired right before time.

When looking for leaks, don’t forget to look around the faucets and the area under sinks. Examine your walls and ceilings to look for water damages. If there is some damping on the wall or ceiling, surely there is water damage somewhere around. Get the damages repaired asap.

Get rid of the bug problems

It’s normal to have bugs in the house but not when you are planning to sell your home. Ants, spiders, warps are not allowed in the house. They aren’t a big issue, but they can be a major turnoff for the buyers. Clean the house or if necessary, go for pest control.

Clear the clutter, clean the gutter

The point of cleanliness has already been covered, but this is different.

Clutter is present in the roof of any house. It’s mainly used as a storeroom and forgotten. Before the inspection, take the ladder and clean the debris. Check for the damaged items and lookout if there are any missing tiles.

You didn’t pay much attention to the gutters. However, they need equal concern. Don’t forget to clean them, as well. It’s an easy task to get over with.

Paint the walls

If the paint of the walls has worn out, repaint them. If the paint is peeling or chipping, this home-for-sale needs some beautification. Don’t just restrict to painting the walls outside, paint the house because lack of uniformity can be a little repulsive.

Bulbs and other electrical pieces of equipment

Check every bulb in the house and if any of them are not working, make sure you replace them with a new one. Lightning shouldn’t be a problem at the time of inspection. Also, look out for other electrical equipment that may not be working. The house must be fully functional.

The Day of Inspection…

Make sure you have kept everything on point before the inspector comes to your place. Be prepared and don’t let any hindrance come in your way. Double check all the points mentioned above and don’t forget to be on time.


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