5 Ideas for Creating a Beautiful Design around your TV


So, did your excitement get interrupted of getting that amazing TV which everyone was like, “Oh and Ahh!” over by all those dangling wires which came with the TV? We can definitely relate to that. The big black box needs a perfect placement. Now the issue remains, some of us have a living room, some of us have a bit more informal family room, and these apart, some have a very small place to squeeze in that fascinating TV. Therefore, let us walk you through five awe-inspiring ideas by aerial installation for creating a glorious design around your TV-

Install a Frame

A fancy television often comes with fancy stereos and other accessories which needs to be placed. What can be a more perfect and attractive than an amazing frame around that magnificent TV? There are thousands of frames to choose from, the best part about using a frame is that you can customise the whole thing based on your needs.

However, framing can be a bit costly but then again there should not be any compromising with the elegance of your living room.

Mount Your TV

If you are looking for something cost efficient then we suggest mounting your TV. A lot of people do not prefer the TV to be the centre of attention, rather their concern is to make it look prime and proper, and in such cases, mounting is preferred.

This becomes more elegant and classy if the living room has a fireplace and the TV be mounted right above. In addition, the focal point becomes two instead of one, which is often considered while fixing the TV’s placement.

Frank it in-between bookshelves

Bookshelves are ought to give any living room a vintage feel. It’s classy on its own; therefore, franking your TV in between bookshelves can be a consideration. One may use either a skinny or a wide bookshelf as a vertical placement. This makes the TV stand out and be the centre of attention in the living room, projecting a touch of modernity with shades of a vintage outlook.

Also, flanking a TV in between a bookcase gives you the liberty to utilise the remaining shelves for decorative objects apart from books. It is to be noted that franking a TV may cost as much as framing it, though both give off a distinct appearance on their own. Thus, it is up to the concerns whichever option they decide to go with.

Consider shelving it

Shelving the TV might sound a bit odd and uncommon but trust us, it would be the classiest way to design around your TV let alone all the impressive looks and whispers, “why didn’t I think of this before adorning my living space?”

Remember that big wide wall everyone complained about being too blank? Not anymore, you may install or build shelves, use one as a TV placement the others for a play station, speakers, and stereos. It is to mention these kinds of shelves are uniquely designed for living rooms which are tech orientated and for people that love watching TV, blast stereos or play video games on a wide screen. The best option ever and it costs less than assumed.

Décor Your wall

Decorating around the TV requires a lot of time and money investment. Therefore, the best and the easiest way to décor around your TV is to not décor around it, but décor the wall with fine wall arts instead.

When it comes to painting a wall to make the TV stand out, there are tons of options to choose from as you may go for wild colors, you may have it painted in shades, you may have designed, or you may have it painted a solid color. There are a plethora of options. Oh okay! This might be a bit time consuming but hey! remember that you are saving a good amount of money by not installing a frame or shelves.

In a nutshell, if you desire to make that black, expensive yet awed box look appealing, these are the varieties which can do your job. It is also suggested that one must figure out which would be the best fit for their living room because each living room has a décor of its own and the design around the TV must compliment it.


  1. Hi Hardik, Your tips are valuable I also agree with them because the TV Installation location should be accurate and more comfortable from the viewing point.


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