How can Noguchi Coffee Table for Home & Office Serve in Every Way


Coffee tables always make the home or office look spacious and artistic. Interior designers are apt of create attractive and unique coffee table designs that make modern homes attractive and unique. Noguchi coffee table is a uniquely designed coffee table that has a glass tabletop and an accent of hardwood. The base of the coffee table is made from a uniquely curved wood. The expertise used by Noguchi of wood curving has made the coffee table design to be popular among modern homeowners. Placing such a table in your living room will make it look classy and modernized. The Noguchi coffee table design is suitable for both commercial office spaces and homes. The design of the table makes it suitable to be placed in different rooms of an office or home. It can also be used outdoors since the base is strong enough not to be knocked over due to the effects of strong winds. This article includes a discussion of how the Noguchi coffee tables can be used oh in the office and modern homes.

In the Living Room

The living room is conventionally used for receiving visitors and for entertainment. When you are relaxing in your living room, you might need to have coffee as you enjoy your family shows. The Noguchi coffee table which has a round glass table top is perfect to be used for the living room. It is considered as a great accessory since it is more economical on space compared to the conventional rectangular designs. The benefit of placing the Noguchi coffee table in the living room is that gives the home a   touch of modernity and class. You have to ensure that you buy the right side of the glass table so that it fits perfectly in your living room. It is also suitable to be used by several people since it is rounded. The curbed wooden base makes it unique as compared to many coffee table designs that are made in modern time.

The Porch

The Porch

Most modern homes have porches which are spacious and can be used for board games to pass the time. If you have a home that has a spacious entry porch, you can have a couch and the Noguchi coffee table placed in the space. The Noguchi coffee table when placed in the porch will help to create a statement of class and elegance for your home. Usually, it is an attractive design that will awe your visitors. The home will look more accented and unique. Also, since the glass table top is made from hardened glass, it will be safe to be placed in the entry porch. The small economical design of the table is great to be used in a small porch in a modern home. Care should, however, be exercised when placing the Noguchi coffee table in the Porch.


A patio within a home is a great addition to your home. It can be used in different ways including passing the time. A Noguchi coffee table can be used in the patio to help in making your home look more attractive and comfortable. The ergonomic design of the table makes it suitable to be used for both small and large patio spaces. When used in the patio, you should ensure that the ground is flat for its stability. You do not want a situation where the glass table will be knocked over resulting in accidents or damage to the glass table top. It is essential to create a position where the table can be placed in the patio when it is needed for use.

Side Tables

Side tables are useful for placing different accessories within your home. Having a side table in the living room couch would help to improve the convenience of visitors and residents within the space. The Noguchi coffee table can be a great side table when placed beside a couch. Due to its unique design, it should be placed beside coaches that are classy and modern. Also, when using it as a side table,  you should ensure that you have coaches that are low lying since the Noguchi coffee table is short and low lying. In the office, it can be placed in common rooms and be used as side tables. Since common rooms are used by many employees to take their meals or have a breather, several Noguchi coffee tables can be placed in such spaces.

Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms in the office should be decorated with unique accessories to make a statement to your customers and visitors. When you have a Noguchi coffee table in the waiting room, it makes the office look elegant and classy. Normally, the clear glass makes the curved wood visible and more attractive. The idea of using the clear glass table top was to ensure that the architecture design of the curved wood is visible. The glass table can be used for placing magazines on top so that visitors can use them as they wait to be served.  A Noguchi coffee table of a considerable size should be placed within the waiting room since it could be used by many people at once. If you are looking to upgrade the furniture in your office, you can consider adding the Noguchi coffee table which is rounded. The rounded design helps to save on space which is crucial in different commercial buildings.

Office Study Room

A study room in a home or office should be comfortable for users. When using the study room, you should have a couch and coffee tables where you can earn while taking breaks from the reading. Study rooms in the office can be decorated with the Noguchi coffee tables to give them a touch of glass and elegance.  The curved wooden base is unique and attractive making the environment comfortable. While in the office, the users in the study room should feel comfortable and at home. When the Noguchi coffee table is placed at the center of the room, it will be an eye catcher and make the interior décor look amazing.

Consultation Rooms

Consultation Rooms

Most consultation rooms in an office should have a minimalist design. You should not include too many furniture objects which could cause congestion in the long run. For instance, in a therapist consultation room, you can have a coffee table and couches placed in an open space. Having a uniquely designed coffee table will make the environment classy and comfortable. The Noguchi coffee glass tables is a great addition in the office consultation room. You should have it placed at the center of the room to make it stand out. If you are looking for a more complex design for a coffee table, the Noguchi design will be the best choice for your office and home.

In conclusion, improving your home décor with coffee tables is an idea that every homeowner should explore. When the home décor with coffee table is well done, you will leave your home stunning and with a touch of class. If you are looking for coffee table ideas, you can visit fab glass and mirror company which offers different designs of glass coffee tables created by expert designers.


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