Why Side Glass Table is Essential to Serve Every Gathering and Event


Side tables are pieces of furniture that are prevalent in many homes across the country. Their main lair is the living room though there are also side tables for the bedroom. Some people go further and use them in their bathrooms. Who wouldn’t want a side table to place their tablet on when in the bath tub? For those who hold gatherings in their homes or events, glass side tables can be leveraged to amp your party. They can add a new twist to your event and save you a lot of money in the long run. Here is a why a side table is essential for serving gatherings and events:

Side Tables Use to Balance the Room

They balance the room

There is a pleasantness that results from uniformity in a room. When you have matching decor, it is easy on the eyes and your guests will truly appreciate that. You can achieve this by the use of tables. For instance, you can have glass cabinets of the same color in the corners of your room. The fact that they are matching helps balance the room plus they also add to the symmetry of the room and make it look complete. You can also go a step further by ensuring that you place identical objects on the top of the side tables. You could have vases of flowers on top of the tables or even statues. Whatever you choose, it will help balance the room.

Additionally, a glass side table can help make the room look lighter. This is a proven fact in gyms where the mirrors installed on the walls make the room look bigger and brighter. The same affect can also be achieved when you have glass or mirror side tables. Not only will it act as a table, it will also reflect light in the room making it brighter. Furthermore, you can place a lamp on the top and the glass table will give it an extra glow.

Shelf for Event and Gathering

If you are looking to have shelves in the venue of your event or gathering but have little space to work with, glass side tables act as very efficient shelves while saving on space. If you want to store up some books to make your space a little professional, glass shelves can be transformed into miniature bookshelves and you can stack up a considerable number of books. This is also why we have side tables for bedrooms. You can also have side tables on each side of your bed where you can place bedside lamps for when you want to do some reading. They are perfectly suited for those people who like spending some time at night reading. Additionally, you can also use the books to add to the color scheme of the space. For instance, you can choose books that have the same color as the decor and this will make the room look fabulous.

Use of Tables in Bars

Are you looking to have some drinks in your event but don’t have the space to set up an open bar? There’s no need to keep dashing to the kitchen to bring your guests drinks. Another use of glass tables is as bars- temporary or permanent. By placing a glass table in the venue of your gathering, you will be shaking some cocktails in no time. When settling for a side table for this purpose, pick one that has shelves where you can place bar accessories as well as spirits, glasses and mixers. If you will be serving a large crowd, you can have identical side tables placed strategically across the room or next to one another. Additionally, glass side tables are best suited to be used as bars. This is because they can be wiped easily when drinks get spilled on them compared to side tables made of other material.

Side Table for Room decoration

Room decoration

Oblivious to many, side tables can also add to the decor of a room or even be the center of the room’s decor. They can be used to complement the already existing decor or they can be the sole decor of the room. For instance, if you want to showcase flowers or even a mini tree, you can place them on a glass table. This way, you’ll get to show off on their beauty while livening the room. Furthermore, the side table will give them a height boost making them visible to all of your guests. Additionally, you can improve on the color scheme of the room by making it more prominent by placing a side table that is in that color. For example, if your room has white walls, introducing a side table that is also white will bring out the white in the walls and this will add to the room’s scheme.

Table for Storage of Documents

You don’t want your space, whether it’s the living room or your home office looking all cluttered. You can leverage side tables and use them to reduce the chaos in your room. Side tables can also be transformed to become under desk storage. By choosing side tables that have drawers or shelves, you can use them to store the extra documents or papers in your office. Additionally, you can have them complement the furniture in your room. For example, if you have glass desks, you can complement them with glass side tables or pair wooden desks with wooden side tables. You can also buy side tables of different sizes and place them on top of each other like totem poles. This will save you money that you would have spent on full-size book cases plus they are sturdier.

With a dash of imagination, you can come up with numerous uses of glass tables and use them in new ways and for different purposes. Additionally, they can also save you money on decor and in space too as they can fit in pretty much any space. With those tips, it should be clear why side glass tables should be in your next event or gathering.


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