What You Need to Know about How to Make Money on Instagram?


Choose below 4 profitable and real tactics to make money on Instagram

1. Sell your photos to a bank of images

Image banks are currently booming, and always take place for new collaborators. There you can sell your photos at a certain price established by the bank. It should be noted that this strategy requires great photographic quality, so it is advisable if you dedicate yourself to this artistic discipline.

If you have those skills, you can sign up for sites like 500px, where you will find a community of photographers and you can register your photos under a license. There you will also get exposure for your work and little by little you can position your name in relation to certain photographic themes.

2. Make money with sponsored posts

If you decide on this alternative, you must have a minimum of 5 thousand real Instagram followers, since otherwise you will not be able to offer an interesting proposal to advertisers in terms of dissemination and reach. You will also have to enjoy a high engagement rate, so that brands find your profile attractive.

In this case you must create sponsored or sponsored publications, p. ex. a photo or video promoting or using a specific product or service. In the post you include a stimulating description and you add mentions, links and hashtags from the brand. That way, you charge money for sharing that content with your audience.

Here it is about taking advantage of influencer marketing, either locally (micro influencer) or globally. You can explore more of the theme on platforms like Influicity.

3. Earn profits with affiliate marketing

Another simple and profitable possibility is to resort to affiliate marketing. At this point the idea is to promote affiliate products through the “Instagram shutouts”, which are screenshots of the profile of other users, in order to promote them from your account and increase your exposure level in exchange for money.

To implement this technique you need an affiliate product. To achieve this, you need to resort to sites such as Clickbank, where after registering you will find different types of products to choose the one that best suits the proposal of your profile.

How to earn money on Instagram?  Statistics, data and more

4. Sell on Instagram the products of your own online store

In this case you will have to work a little more, but the return that you will obtain will be greater in turn. To implement this option, you will need an online store, which you can create on sites like Shopify. There you can sell the products you want to market (clothes, books, furniture, or any digital product etc.).

After creating your eCommerce, you must build and strengthen an Instagram profile around the niche to which you direct your products (e.g. if you sell gardening products, your profile may be about botany, with tips, trivia and more). Then you can promote your Instagram products to your audience and make money from sales.

As you may have noticed, Instagram can be a genuine source of income, real and profitable. The only thing you need to ensure your success is to build a good base of IG followers and achieve high engagement based on a strategy of qualified content and a good frequency of publication.

That’s all for today! Did you already know how to make money on Instagram? Do you know any other possibility? Tell us in the comments! And please, remember to share this article with whomever you think is of interest to you! Until next time!



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