What You Must Do Before Hiring Termite Control Services?


Termites, they are not really bad insects. They are the best wood recycles around and will turn a dry chocolate into food for many other insects. Unfortunately, they are not troubled where they find the wood and your home, they are a handy source of food. The queen is the key to the “swarm” of termites.

There are over 300 varieties of termites in the world; however, only four varieties can be found in the United States. The termite that creates problems is the “underground termite”, which accounts for 95% of all damage. There is no bait for termites until you put a wooden palette in the ground to see where they are. Once you can determine where you are eating, you can place the wood back with a blade that can kill you. If you identify a termite infestation the best thing to do is to contact termite control services.

Fossil Flour (DE) is one of the best and most effective systems for controlling termite using natural substances. It is best to pass slightly above exposed wood surfaces using a portion of DE and a quarter of boric acid. Add the mixture to enough water to create a consistent painting and pass it over all the wood surfaces.

The penthouse and the splits should be sprayed with the same amount of boric acid mixed with DE. Just make the mixture very liquid so it can be simple to spray.

If you can locate their colony in infected wood, just remove the old one and replace it with new wood that has been treated. Make sure that all traces of the pipes are located and removed or sprayed to make them unusable.

A good way to eliminate termites is to use 20 Mule Team Borax ™. Just spraying their galleries and this will eliminate the problem (finding all galleries). Try not to inhale (wear a mask). The bourgeois can also be sprayed inside their houses and inside a dough, and then painted over the wood. Dealing with wood with borax will provide you with a long-term solution.

If you dig up to 3 feet deep and 3 feet away from home around the house, then place a layer of construction sand (90%) mixed with DE (10%) and you will never again problem with termites. It is very simple if you are building a new home until the garden and the trees tend to be in the way.

Ants that dig into the trees are enemies of the termites and kill them whenever they have the chance. At present, almost all ants will fight against termites. As long as the ants that dig into the wood are used, it will have an unforeseeable result, which is worse in terms of termites or ants digging into the wood. Almost all other ants, in any case, it would be good to have them around the house to control termites. To identify termites, remember that they have a very large chest, while the ants are very thin (probably exercising more).

The essential oils that can be purchased at any store that sells natural items are oil with clove and vetiver essences. Vetiver oil has the ability to distract termites and keep them away from your vegetable garden, while the one with carnation buds will kill termites within 2 days of exposure. Both of these remedies are natural and safe.


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