Tips to Control Pests By yourself: Making your own Spray at Home


The most common types of pest that are mostly found in Dallas is ants, roaches, stinging insects, spiders, scorpions, rodents, termites and wildlife. Pest can transfer different types of diseases to human, due to which the rate of illness is increases day by day. For decreasing the rate of illness and the irritation that we feel from pest in our daily life, the pest control Dallas companies offer affordable and cheap services for the removal of pest complexly from your homes, shops, offices, saloon and yards etc.

When there are so many natural ingredients just lying around the house and collecting dust, the pest control services is inexpensive. However, when the going really gets tough, you need to call and hire atascocita exterminator or pest control Dallas Company , who lends a professional hand. Some problems may only in the control of professionals.

Tips to Control PestsHere in this article I am going to show you the simple and most easy method of making pest removal spray in your home, and there is no need to buy anything from market, you can use your everyday used item in the preparation of spray. Item such as onion, tomato, soap, cooking oil, lemon juice and red chili powder are mostly used in pest removal spray making.

Preparation of Bugs Spray

Create your own organic bug spray at home at affordable expenses. If you have onion, save the skin, peels, and ends. Store them in a zip-lock bag until the bag is full. Then soak the onion pieces in warm water. You can soak them up to a week if you’d like. Once you’re done soaking they are ready for a spray bottle. Then sprinkle the spray on the infected areas of your home, the smell of onion kills all the bugs in few hours.

Tips to Control Pests

Ants Removing Spray

Blend at least two cups of vegetable oil with one cup of pure liquid soap, and mix until its colour change to white. Then add one and a half liter of water and use as an effective spray on the ant’s infected areas. This spray will kill the ants or keep it out from your home.

Tips to Control Pests

Garlic Spray for Roaches

The recipe for two garlic spray is given below here:

  1. Use about 90 to 95 grams of garlic and cover it with mineral oil. Let it soak and add one liter of soapy water. Now you have an effective spray for killing the roaches. This spray can be also used for the removal of spiders, ants, bugs and rodents too.
  2. Combine three hot green peppers with three cloves of garlic and ¾ TBS of liquid soap and water. Let it soap, strain out the pulp, and you can spray your plants at will.

Soapy Water Spray

The recipe for two soap spray is given below here:

  1. Soapy water works fine. You are already got the water and soap you need. Soap is a major ingredient, whatever materials you use. Mix half cup of lemon juice in a half bucket of soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes. When the mixture is ready, use a spray bottle and use it on the pest infested areas.
  2. Cooking oil added with a kilogram of soap works to suffocate insects when sprayed. Spray this mixture only on cool days. The effect of this spray is less in the summer season.

Tips to Control Pests

Red Chilli Spray

You can easily make red chilli spray for the removal of ants, roaches and spider. For this you need half of red chilli powder, 2 TBS of vinegar, and one + half cup of warm water. Mix all the ingredients in the spray bottle for about to 10 minutes or more. Use the spray directly on the pest, every corner of your home and on the upper areas for the removal of spider from your home. You can also use this spray on the mosquitoes too.

Mosquito Spray

For making homemade mosquito spray you need water, witch hazel, vegetable glycerine, essential oil. For the preparation of the spray in the spray bottle add ½ cup of boiled water and then add witch hazel to fill the bottle to the top. After mixing them, then add ½ TBS of vegetable glycerine and 40 to 50 drops of essential oils to desired scent. If you keep the quantity of oil is greater the most effective spray will be prepared.

Tips to Control Pests

Leaves Spray for Pest Removal

Some of the leaves spray is:

  • Tomato leave boiled in water and allowed to cool makes an excellent general insecticide.
  • Pyrethrum spray can be made from almost any flower of the Tan acetum cineraria folium species. Mix with cheap sherry and a litre of soapy water. Cool, store in a cool space, and use within several for pests removing.
  • Wormwood leaves, infused in boiling water, are great for getting rid of insects that love sucking sap.

Tips to Control Pests

Tips of the Day

Everyone keeps aluminum foil on hand, but did you know that you can spread it around the base of your plants and tomatoes? The glare from the foil will confuse and bother pests.

  • Lapsang souchong tea can be brewed and used as an effective possum repellent. Stop them cold from nipping on beautiful roses. This type of is most effective for the removal of different green plants insects like the tomato insects, and many more, you just need to spray the tea over the plants.
  • Remove every distraction that insets love from the outside and inside of your home. This is the first line of defense.
  • Do a little detective and trace the ants back to their colony. It’s always great to know where the enemy calls homes.
  • Leave a low wattage light on in the evening where ants are active. It can throw off their equilibrium which will make them avoid the area. It will change their foraging patterns too.
  • Catnip is a natural repellent to roaches. They will head in the opposite direction and won’t be back.


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