Creating Entrepreneurs from High School Failures


”It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

The statement itself is a story of a fabulous person who has awakened and inspired millions of people with his extraordinary life growth! These are the wise words of richest man alive who happened to be a failure once! That’s right! Bill Gates!

Failing is surely isn’t a permanent thing, and it is not the end of everything! And many other people in this world have created a universe out of nothing! In fact, it’s high time when you should rack your brains and go that extra mile to achieve success! Before proving others what you are, you should understand your potential and show yourself what actually you are!

Don’t enclose yourself in four walls, where doing a job is the only option left! If you do not want to study further, then the best thing to start is your own entrepreneurship.

A good start with small size business with the help of your parents can be the stepping stool of your career path. Many failures in this world have been doing wonders with their business! They had to start from scratch! So you’re not the only one to do this!

You can find out a list of excellent business ideas that you can start with low investment. Just be passionate about what you want to achieve in life and turn the ball in your court!

Food Counter

Do you proclaim yourself a foodie? If yes then turn your love for food into a career! If you think you have the cooking skills, then you can start your food counter right away! Trends come and go, with this, hundreds of business ideas die, but the food is an undying business field and does not require any educational qualifications!

Besides, there’s a lot of scope for growth in your business. If you work hard and keep improvising, you can turn your small canteen into a big restaurant!

Food Counter

To enter in Food Business you don’t have to necessarily get one degree. There are a lot of short term courses and diploma course available that can help you learn cooking skills.

In recent years, many home bakers have started taking classes that are another source of information useful in your journey. You can start off with a limited products keeping in mind the investment and return and later expand or modify as per demand.

In last few years, Food Industry has grown exponentially arising new opportunities like Food Blogging, Food Photography, Food Tasting and Reviews, etc. So even if you have failed in academics, there is a lot to learn that can make you a successful entrepreneur.


If you think you are good at gymming then, in a world full of fitness freak people, you can be the gym trainer and have your own gym! There are a lot of people who are continuously trying lose weight or gain weight, stay fit, make abs and what not! Know your audience and target them smartly! Gym training option would have a big thumbs up despite of your failure in school!

By using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram you can build your own Fanbase. Using this network, you will get more no of clients which will eventually pay much more than regular jobs. Various fitness academies, Yoga Centers and Sports Institutions offer training and certification in health related fields and subjects.

You can also innovative ideas like Open Gym, functional trainings, zumba, etc.



Art! Well, the niche is so big it opens the door of hundreds of business ideas! When you’re creative, you should understand your potential and turn into a business! There would be lots of option in here! A few of them can be as follows:

  • Instrument teacher (Start your Institute)
  • Interior decor Advisory
  • Paintings ( Art Gallery)
  • Handcraft gifts ( Gift store)
  • Jewellery Making (Jewellery store)
  • Writer ( Copywriting, ghostwriting, blog writing etc.)
  • Hairstylist ( Salon)
  • Photography
  • Translator ( National / International)
  • Tailoring ( Start your Boutique)

There are no boundaries for creativity! A creative person is never asked his/her educational background! Introspect and unleash your creative side, transform it into entrepreneurship!

To embrace your love for art into Entrepreneurship you must learn other skills as well. There are many artists around the world but only few of them succeed when they get into business. Hence make sure you are learning business skills while keeping your art-love strong solid.

Collaborate with other artists and travel! Travelling will open new avenues for you where you will get new ideas and opportunities.

Event Planner

Weddings, Engagements, Birthday Parties, Movie Promotion, Product Promotion this and that and what not! Every other day you’ll see events taking place around you! Who has time to manage all these functions and the guests too? Nobody! In such a scenario, event organizers are preferred! If you think you have the potential to manage events, then you should definitely go for it! There are even some event management courses which you can easily find in your city! Knowledge and experience will only make you professional and better! Ultimately helping you to grow your business!

event planner

Event Management is an exponentially growing field and has many good things to offer you. Good Communication and Networking Skills are some of the key skills that can take your career in event management to new heights.

With a good team working with you in initial phase focus on local clients, relatives and friends. Word of mouth plays a crucial role here so remember to build healthy relationship with your clients.

Babysitting/ Pet sitting

Are you a pet lover or kids lover? We seldom see many parents who have to work and handle their babies as well! Babysitting surely has a specific target audience but it does not require many efforts, and nobody would ask for your educational background! You won’t even realize how the time passes by when you are surrounded by cute babies! Same is the case for pet sitting! Just get some needed toys, food and other stuff, and you’ll be glad you got into this entrepreneurship!

Not many people look at this opportunity as a career but this field in fact will have more demand in next few years. Hence getting into this field will be a wise decision of your life.

Good networking and Happy personality is what it takes to succeed in this field.

Social Media Consultant

Let’s admit, in five minutes of time span we switch to at least three different social media platforms for like ten times! What if we utilize this time in actually understanding how brands are using these platforms to promote their pages?

Being socially active, we already know all the trends going on! A further detailed research and a bit of training can help us start our own social media management consultancy firm!

There are many digital marketing agencies and institutes providing training on Social Media Marketing. If you are creative and familiar with these platforms, you can easily learn the nitty-gritty of this field and can start your business.

Travel Planning

There are many travel junkies out there who wish to travel all across the world! If you’re a travel freak too, then perhaps travel planning is something you can definitely do to earn a pretty penny! Following are a few things you should keep in mind while starting a travel planning agency!

  • Flights
  • Car rentals
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Tours
  • Activities

Travel Planning
Travel and Tourism is a booming industry and numerous opportunities are present for travel lovers. Planning Industrial Visits for colleges, arranging budget trips with backpackers, travel blogging, nature and wildlife photography, arranging photowalks and many such innovative avenues have been developed in this field.

So if you’ve failed in your life, the chance of seeing the situation bigger than any other problem in this world is a regular thing! But you need to bounce back and have a fresh start in life! As mentioned before, you’re not the only failure here!

There are thousands of other people out there who have achieved success and come out of their failure phase! If they can do, you can too! Just have faith in yourself and look ahead with a positive mind!


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