A 180 Degrees Change In 2 Days: How To Make Your TikTok Profile Trending


So you’ve decided to make your profile trending, but you don’t know where to start? Because you’ve used all the top hashtags and made good videos. But it never seems to be enough, right?

Well, worry, not, for we have come to the rescue. Here we will give you some simple tips and tricks that you can follow that will change you from zero to hero. Let us start.

Do you have enough followers?

If you’ve failed to notice before, let us tell you a secret: the profiles with the most followers usually make it trending. And there aren’t many technicalities involved here. It’s just that the TikTok algorithm favors profiles with more followers.

It doesn’t favor profiles with more followers; it is forced to favor them. Let’s tell you. How?

The more followers you have, the more chances you will see, making the people very likely to follow you. Hence increasing your follower’s count even more and making you more prone to be discovered by people.

It doesn’t matter if the followers are real or fake, either. The algorithm sees numbers only. Seeing that a person has many followers, the AI automatically lets them appear on the ‘For You’ page more frequently. Hence, if your followers’ count is low, you should buy cheap TikTok followers before you even start to think about having your videos trending on TikTok.

Focus on your content

Your content matters. People like exciting videos. Different. Something that has been thought about very little. Or something that presents an idea with a wholly different perspective.

This is where you ought to let your creativity go wild. Just focus on your surroundings. Have a walk outside, and think of what you can bring to people. See what others are doing on TikTok and think about what you can do differently.

It is not supposed to be very complex. Try to be as simple as possible, because that’s what people like. Create your niche and let people cherish it, because trust us, people will. But remember one thing though, you must always supplement your good content with good engagement. Therefore, it’s also recommended to buy TikTok likes if you can. It will help boost your account by a lot.

There’s a whole lot of things you can do differently. People are doing it as of now. You just got to explore the world that lies under your fingertips and let your imagination run wild. Don’t interfere with your imagination. Let it loose like a wild animal and see what it brings you. Cherish it and start trending.

Have your videos be liked

What do we mean when we say that a particular video is trending? Have you ever thought about that?

It means that that particular video has a high number of likes, views, and comments. Simply put, the engagement in the video is very high. That’s what makes a video trending. That’s why every other person on TikTok is urging their followers to like and comment.

Make sure your videos receive a high number of either likes or comments, or even better, both. Urge your followers to Like and comment. Tell your friends to go comment on your videos.

Protip: make sure the comments are at least 4 words, or else TikTok’s algorithm won’t be triggered

Having a high engagement on your posts provokes TikTok’s AI to let you appear on its hottest page more frequently. And hence, increasing your engagement more and letting your videos be on the trending list.

But if you’re a newbie on TikTok, we highly urge you to buy real TikTok likes give yourself a head start into the trending page. Likes are very affordable, and they do the job quite well.


And that’s it for some simple, very neglected tricks on how to make your profile trending in as much less time as possible. Unlike many other blogs that emphasize Hashtags and video

quality and whatnot, we decided to let you peek into the technicalities behind someone making it to the trending. You’re welcome.


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