Make your iphone safe with these 7 tips


Any mobile phone contains various sorts of private information and financial data which can be very risky if hacked. There are many things that if exposed can be a problem for the owner of the mobile phone. iphone is one of the most beloved mobile handsets and is the best when it comes to the business. Securing your iphone is very essential to secure your data from others and to live worry-free in today’s world which is full of hackers. Hackers can extract all your data and information and can use it for crime and notorious activities.

Below given are seven tips for securing your iphone

1. Use a stronger password:

A very effective way to protect your data in your iphone is to keep a stronger password rather than a four digit one. It will be safe if you use combination of digits, symbols and letters and it will be difficult for anyone to unlock your iphone even though it has been stolen or misplaced. There is also an extra option of ‘erase data’ which will wipe everything from the memory after ten failed password attempt. This is very helpful to secure the iphone.

2. Two step verification for Apple ID and Cloud ID:

Someone can break one lock but it becomes very difficult if there is another lock to protect the iphone. For this reason highly secured two step verification is present for Apple ID. If you want to open your account on any other apple device, then you need to give the password as well as the verification code that is sent to the registered device. This protects your iphone from getting hacked and will secure your data and other medias.

3. Disable siri on lock screen:

Siri is a great assistant that can be found in an iphone. But this friend can sometimes cause problem by lending out important information which were meant to be kept confidential. Siri can communicate with anyone not just the owner. So to keep the data and other things private, it is a wise decision to disable siri on lock screen.

To do so we can follow the steps- go to ‘settings’ > ‘passcode’ > “allow access when locked” section> “siri: off” and “settings” > general>siri> “allow Hey siri” off. This process will secure your iphone massively and will secure your data.

4. Discard automatic Wifi connection:

iphone is full of advanced features. It allows the device to connect to the known wifi hotspots without asking for permission. As the hackers are coming out with new methods to hack and extract data, the hackers may establish a fake wireless network with the same name as a trusted wifi network and may extract all the data from your iphone. The user may not recognize that the iphone is connected to this fake network and is giving all the data to the hackers .It is recommended that the iphone users are aware of which wifi network the phone is connected or they can simply switch off the option.

5. VPN:

VPN is a very widely discussed topic and is a must have tool that can provide extra security to the iphone which are connected to unknown wifi networks. Some VPN charges are free of cost but some will cost some amount. But for the security of the iphone, it is very important to have the VPN service in the iphone.

6. Turn off cookies in browsers:

Cookies are small files which are generated when any website is entered. They have some information about you and it helps the websites to keep you logged in. By turning off cookies it helps the iphone to be more secured giving less information to the browser.

7. Don’t let the apps access your contacts, images, messages:

We often see that while opening any app, it asks for permission to access our contacts, messages and other files. This can cause harm to the iphone and may extract the data which we do not want to disclose. It is better to go to “settings” and prevent all the apps from accessing your data. Doing this you may not be able to use some apps, but it will highly protect your device from the scammers.

By keeping these tips in mind, the security of the iphone can be maintained and various private information and data can be kept away from the criminals. It is our duty to be careful and take care of the iphone and take these measures for a peaceful life without the indulgence of any hacker. Technology comes with merits and demerits. Though an iphone is highly recommended and is also in high demand, there are some safety measures which should be implemented properly to protect the data which is meant to remain private.


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