5 Most Attractive Things About IPhone X


IPhone is known for its best quality, outstanding features, and excellent services. Apple is not just a mobile company but it is a lifestyle statement. Apple has successfully amazed the world with its latest technology and smart phone features.

If you are willing to upgrade your Iphone, consider Iphone X as your next choice. It is the latest and best among all. To grab a discount coupon on the Iphone X, visit Couponobox and pick the best iphone deal ever.

IphoneX is magnificent and loaded with the super cool feature . Here are the 5 most attractive things you may not want to miss about iphone X.

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#1. IphoneX Screen

You will love the display quality of Iphone X. It is the only Iphone with a colorful OLED display that gives a superior graphic and realistic feature to this phone. The display screen has more than 2 million Pixels, which is the highest pixel density ever seen in an iPhone. It provides a sharp image, text and video quality to Iphone X users.

iPhone X has an edge-to-edge display measuring 5.8 inches diagonally. It offers the bigger viewing area than any other I phones. Iphone X display supports HDR hence the videos and movies are of high definition just like full HD TV screens. Overall Screen is one of the most attractive features of IphoneX.

#2. IphoneX TrueDepth Camera

Of course, the camera is Important in any phones and Apple has not taken this lightly at all. IphoneX front camera is unbeatable. It has a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and telephoto lens for zooming. Also, includes tons of exceptional modes, the most loved one is “Portrait Mode”. It provides an awesome result better than professional portrait artists.

True Depth Camera allows you to sharpen the face feature, blur the background and focus the subject of the portrait, with just a finger tap. The camera is filled with many filter options to capture your Selfie moment better than ever.

#3. Face ID

Face ID is an amazing feature that apples has to offer. Using the best technology to recognize a face, Apple has left behind all its competition. The iPhone X’s high-tech camera is able to program and analyze more than 30,000 dots to create a microscopic map of your face.

The Face ID feature of Iphone X is more secure than the Touch ID. Face ID is also compatible with Apple Pay allowing its owners to check out with just a glance. I phones are getting enchanting than ever.

#4. Animoji

IphoneX introduces Animoji – a new facial recognition for recording your expression and emotions. Animoji is adorable and sometimes terrifying with creepy animal faces. It is 3-D emoticons that mimic your facial expressions to a scarily accurate degree.

This is actually a fun, to record your expression in cats faces to share it with your friends. Indeed this is an exceptional phone feature.

#5. Wireless charger

iPhone X along with the iPhone 8 and 8 plus has wireless charging. The iPhone X battery lasts for 21 hours ones fully charged. Apple has ensured its customer to bring perfection to its wireless tech to speed up the efficiency.

Conclusion: IphoneX is one of the remarkable creation of Apple. With the best of Technology and Innovation, Apple has once made the world to Think Differently. Iphone X is definitely more appealing than other Iphone X.

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