Cost Of Classic Car Insurance


If you have ever insured a classic car before, you will know the cost of classic car insurance is lesser than the cost of normal car insurance. But there are several options that can be considered before the cost is realized. First off, you are supposed to keep the car in a proper shelter to prolong its salvage value. Your vintage car is not supposed to be ridden to work or other work related functions.  In other words, you need to own another car you ride frequently before considering classic car insurance. Otherwise, American Insurance and other insurance companies may not accept your policy. If you are looking to give your classic car an insurance protection, below are certain things you should know about the cost and insurance policy procedures of classic cars.

Selecting the right classic car insurance

A lot of insurance companies, including American Insurance, have a special insurance coverage for those looking for classic car insurance. You can decide to go through an agent or work with the insurance company directly. Either of these options have their benefits and shortfall. If you want to get classic car insurance coverage through an agent, you have to include some fees for their services.

This will definitely add up to what you spend on the coverage. However, insurance agents and brokers are very helpful to prospective policy holders who don’t have the full knowledge of insurer’s requirements. The agents will put you through and simplify a lot of things for you. But if you have an idea of the classic car insurance processes, you can go directly to the insurance company and someone will be assigned to you.

Follow these hassle-free and cost-saving processes to ensure you are getting the best deal for your classic car insurance.

Do your own home work before approaching an insurance company for your classic car insurance. Try to put some things in order by getting appraisal done. This will help you know the cost of insuring the car, even though the insurer will still do their appraisal. You can check for safety features and find out how you fare regarding driving history. All these will help you understand how much will cost you to insure your classic car.  If you don’t have an estimate of the car’s worth, you may be shortchanged at the end of the day.

Select an experienced carrier and agent

The agent you select to help you out should have a sound knowledge on classic car insurance. This will make things easier and smoother for both of you. The agent should help with your car’s appraisal and other vital information about yourself the insurance company will need.

Make sure you understand every detail in the contract

Before you take up any policy, understand the coverage details of the classic car insurance. Find out what is included and what is excluded. This will ensure there is no disagreement during claims settlement.

Are there any limitations on the contract?

Different insurance companies have their own limitation for each classic car insurance policy. Some insurance companies allow the car owner to travel with the classic car to club meet ups and car shows. Others may have some restrictions on these events. It’s important to understand what the company is covering and what use they may not cover. This will allow you make the right choice when selecting an insurance company for your classic car insurance.

On the whole, the cost of insuring your classic car is not as high as the cost of insuring a normal type of car. But you can even reduce the cost a bit further if you meet up to the safety rules and standards of the insurer.


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