4 Key Features of a Biometric Attendance Solution


Considering the importance of time and attendance management in an organization, today, biometric attendance solutions play an essential role in handling employee attendance, payroll generations, and compiling monthly leave and comp off reports.

Besides, as someone running a business, it becomes your responsibility to protect your personnel. Thus, you must take the necessary steps to enable a healthy and safer working environment. A simple, easy, and effective method is to install a biometric attendance. Installing an advanced biometric attendance solution can help you manage your workforce attendance in a safer manner while also ensuring that you do not miss out on valuable employee data.

However, with the multitudes of biometric attendance solutions available in the market, it can be challenging to figure out which suits your business. Several factors make a biometric attendance solution successful. We have listed some of the most common and practical features of the best biometric attendance solutions so that you can make an informed decision. Let us look at some of the features below:

1HRMS Integration

Most organizations have their HRMS or Human Resource Management Software, which helps handle and manage all internal HR functions. The HRMS software supports streamlining the work processes such as payroll and recording attendance. Thus, it is an essential management tool.

However, not every biometric attendance solution offers the option to integrate the organization’s existing HRMS system into it. This is where next-gen biometric attendance solutions such as KENT CamAttendance provides seamless HRMS integration and makes it easier for you to implement improved upgrades, and all at no additional cost.

2Cloud Compatibility

Look out for cloud-based biometric attendance solutions that use time-attendance management programs by utilizing cloud computing technology. Moreover, cloud computing usage enables space and cost savings for your business as you do not have to incorporate storage rooms or hire multiple people for maintaining employee records.

Advanced biometric attendance solutions store personnel’s attendance records over a cloud server, alongside other related data. The admin or HR professionals can access the cloud server database to update or download user or employee attendance data anytime and facilitates remote data management.

3Touchless Features

Suppose you are looking for a completely apt and safe biometric attendance solution and are worried about transmission and infection risks. In that case, you can explore options in touchless biometric attendance solutions to avert any such risks.

Highly efficient in delivering attendance records using facial recognition technology to identify employees in real-time, such biometric systems even assess if they are wearing a mask or not for strengthening safety measures. With such touchless biometric attendance solutions, you eliminate the requirement for plastic access cards, fingerprint devices and thus increase your workplace safety to achieve peace of mind.

4Easy Deployment Across Multiple Facilities

Reliable and advanced biometric attendance solutions such as KENT CamAttendance can be easily deployed to multiple facilities in different locations for the same organization. Such advanced solutions enable you to scale up and down on upgrades as per suitability, where all organizational data collected is stored at one specific place. So, if you want to simplify your attendance and payroll functions, installing an advanced biometric attendance solution is the smart way to go.

Adopt Advanced Attendance Software for Your Business

We recommend that you opt for an advanced biometric attendance that provides apt features such as facial recognition with touchless operations or systems that would allow easier HRMS integrations. Explore easy to use, highly accurate, and advanced range of biometric attendance solutions such as KENT CamAttendance, which can effectively fulfill several different kinds of requirements. If you plan to explore KENT CamAttendance for your company, request a free demo and decide for yourself. Investing in smart attendance solution will only help simplify your organization’s human resource management.


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