In Which Situations Do You Need Help From A Lawyer?


At some point, life may take a wrong turn on you, and you find yourself on the wrong side of the law. However, not all legal matters will require you to get a lawyer – one’s self can handle some things. There are some instances when you really must get a lawyer. Here is what can make you get one.

During a divorce

It’s never a couple’s wish for a marriage to end in divorce – but circumstances may prove otherwise. A divorce is a multi-step process, and one must understand how to do things right. Getting legal representation from a legal body such as Brown and Crouppen law firm comes in handy, especially when the divorce is complex or nasty – involving issues like child custody, investments, and property.

When facing criminal charges

Crime is an offense punishable by law. In most cases, such charges are very serious and may affect your life which is why you need someone who has knowledge and experience in handling cases. In such a situation, you can hire a criminal defense lawyer in West Palm Beach because he has in-depth knowledge of such cases. In some instances, governments provide attorneys for those who can’t afford one. But it is not always a good idea to rely on this one therefore, you should always hire a lawyer personally who has high experience in this firm.

When writing your will

Unfortunately, all of us will one day die. However, before you die, you must make sure that you split up your property well. We’ve seen disputes resulting from sharing property and trusts after someone has passed away. Ideally, you should set up your will in the presence of an attorney to prevent any unpleasant conflict and drama after your demise.

Setting up a business

It’s never easy to start a business. Many rules and regulations are governing the industry, and you want to make sure you get things right. Some lawyers specialize in business law and will help you with anything related to business and law. Again, when structuring complex long-term partnerships, it is always a good idea to have a lawyer beside you.

Real estate closing

If you plan on being an owner or shareholder of real estate, then you should probably get in touch with an attorney. You see, transferring ownership of a large property such as real estate requires a legal process. An attorney comes in handy, especially during the final stages before the deal is sealed. The lawyer will help you review the legal documents and sign.

Workplace disputes

Workplace disputes can be hard to solve, especially if the employee does not understand his or her rights. Should a conflict escalate to the point of taking one another to court, you are sure that the other party will be well represented so why should you not? Should you face workplace discrimination, unfair dismissal contract disputes, or any other workplace dispute, you shouldn’t hesitate to get a lawyer.

In a car accident

In some cases, you might need a lawyer to assist you if you have been the victim of a car accident. This is usually the case if you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault and is difficult to prove. If you were injured as a result of the car accident, a lawyer can help you get compensation for your case and liaise with your insurance company to ensure that you are treated fairly and get the payout you’re entitled to.

If you’re injured

There are many situations where you might be injured or hurt through no fault of your own. Whether you’ve been injured using faulty machinery at work or slipped and fell in the shopping center, you will usually need a lawyer by your side if you are going to file a personal injury lawsuit. Those who have been injured due to the negligence of another individual or company are often entitled to compensation to pay for medical bills, loss of income, and other damages. A lawyer understands how it works and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Custody battles

Splitting up with a partner or divorcing your spouse is never easy, and fighting over who gets to have the kids at certain times is never going to help. Whether you simply can’t come to an amicable custody agreement with your ex, they are shirking their parental duties, or refusing to pay child support after the break-up, a good lawyer can help restore your family to some form of harmony by helping you get court-ordered custody and support agreements for everybody to follow. In some cases, however, mediation might be worth considering before you go to court – a lawyer can advise on whether or not this is the right option for you.

If you come into a large amount of money

Whether you have won a large amount of money in a competition or have been left a sizeable inheritance, a lawyer can help you make sure that everything is done correctly in terms of paying the necessary tax and dividing your new wealth. If your inheritance is split between several family members, a lawyer can help ensure everybody gets what they are due.

Suing a creditor

Today, most people need to borrow money for certain things in life – but if you feel that you have been treated unfairly by a creditor or they allowed you to borrow money irresponsibly, you may be able to sue. For example, if you borrowed money while in a poor psychological state, or it was clear that you were going to be unable to make repayments when you applied, you may have a case. A good lawyer can help you file the suit and get compensation from creditors that did not act in your best interests when you were borrowing money.

You should never assume that you know the law well – better than a lawyer. Sometimes, it is not always about the knowledge but the experience. Lawyers can help you win a case in court, prevent disputes and conflicts after your demise, and also help you deal with workplace conflict. So, the next time you face drug charges or DUI, a lawyer is your best bet.


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