Best Ever IPhone 7 Plus Screen Protectors For Long Lasting Functionality


IPhone 7 is no doubt a sizable financial investment. Then you have iPhone 7 Plus, which is quite expensive. Covering the whole body for keeping it dent and scratch free is important, but covering the front side of the smartphone is a completely new ballgame. No one wants to deal with their iPhone 7 Plus as a toy as it is rather a hefty investment! The amazing 1080p display is not just one of the attractive features of this phone in particular, but a life changing option in the entire market of smartphone. So, selecting the best tempered or screen protector for your iPhone 7 Plus is a must! Let’s find out some options.

The best one so far

The Alpha Glass is the most promising one among the lot, when it comes to iphone 7 plus tempered glass. For the finest screen protection of all time, you can go with Otter Box as the best manufacturer of screen protections. Yes, it is a bit pricey when compared to other options in the market but the money is worth it when compared to quality protection. It helps in revealing that crystal clean design, with amazing touchscreen sensitivity.

Not only that, but the screen seems to be made shatter and scratch resistant. Even if you end up dropping your brand new iPhone 7 Plus and it lands down with its face, you don’t have to worry about the screen as it will remain protected.

The airfoil glass

Airfoil glass is mainly designed to make the app process easier. It helps in eliminating all kinds of air bubbles. There is a special type of adhesive layer available. Once it has been applied, it is quite difficult to spot, mainly if you are planning to use a case. This kind of Airfoil Glass helps in reducing fingerprints and smudges, which you will find blemishing display. For that, the oleo phobic surface coating is what you should be looking for.

The product comes with rounded edges and cutout areas for camera and speakers. It has a build, which is around 40% thinner when compared to some of the other protectors, making it ergonomically friendly. It is not going to interfere with your iPhone 7 Plus in any way possible.

You have the Matte Skin too

If you are planning to use smartphones for outdoors, the Matte Skin can always be your right option with anti-glare properties. It is going to make the display a lot easier with direct sunlight. This product helps in completely covering the front size of the smartphone and not just going for the touchscreen area only. The material is all set to slowly fix all your smaller scratches with time and it should also cut down quite a lot on finger smudges. The screen protection further helps in protecting the touchscreen from precise punctures, scratches and also will be a proven protection for daily use.

So, what are you waiting for? Get along with the best touch screen protection to make the IPhone 7 Plus lasts for long.


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