How to Recover Files from a Hard Drive?


Businesses big or small, organizations public or private, households urban or rural, all of them are going digital. We are all storing our data on hard drives. Hard drives can be a part of your computer or can be an external peripheral; it can have small or large storage capacities. They all are delicate pieces of electronics and must be handled with care.

Hard drives have a limited lifespan and moving parts such as read/write head and magnetic platter to write the data on. The magnetic platter is like a record and is sensitive to dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures. These elements are extremely delicate and are susceptible to damage. As a result, data loss due to hard drive failure is very common nowadays.

There are multiple reasons for hard drive failure. They are divided into two broad types:

  • Logical failure
  • Physical failure

Logical Failure

Any incidence where you can’t see the data, but the hard drive is still recognized by the computer is called logical failure. Some examples are failures due to virus or malware attacks, accidental formatting, data deletion or corruption, etc. In this case, the data is still saved on the drive; it is just not visible to you.

Physical Failure

Any failure where the hard drive is not accessible or recognized by the system is called physical failure. Failure due to fire, flood, improper handling; wear and tear due to age, mechanical parts, etc. fall under physical reasons.

No matter what the reason for failure is, you must not store any new data on the hard drive as it will make the data recovery more difficult.

Data Recovery Solutions

Although data loss due to hard drive failure is common, you don’t need to panic because data recovery is possible.

In case of logical failures, it is possible to recover the data by using a reputed and professional data recovery software. Please be careful while selecting the software as using a free or lesser known data recovery software has many risks such as data privacy being compromised or incomplete data recovery. Care should be taken while selecting a recovery software product to ensure that:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It offers a free trial.
  • It ensures data security.
  • It guarantees complete recovery if the device is detected.
  • It recovers from all type of logical data loss situations – corrupted/formatted/deleted.

In case of physical damages, where the drive is not accessible, is dead, is burnt, or is waterlogged, the only option is to use a professional data recovery service. All such recovery cases are quite complicated and require specialized pieces of equipment, controlled environment to work on the hard drive, and skilled recovery experts. For complex cases, knowledge of special recovery techniques is also very important.

To select a professional hard drive data recovery service, please ensure that the company has:

  • Necessary infrastructure such as temperature, humidity and contaminant-controlled labs mandated by the hard drive manufacturers to open the drive. Even a little dust can scratch the surface of the hard drive and cause permanent data loss.
  • Skilled and experienced data recovery professionals.
  • Access controlled labs and processes to ensure data security and confidentiality.

In India, Stellar Data Recovery is one such company which offers the Windows Data Recovery Software to recover data from all kinds of logical failures and professional Data Recovery Service for physical failures.

The company has been in the business of data recovery since 1993 and has an in-house research and development team for software development. In addition to an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013organization which follows strict processes to guarantee data privacy, they also boast of a great customer service team. Their Class 100 Clean Room labs are specially designed as per ISO standards to ensure maximum possible recovery. They offer:

  • Data recovery service for all kinds of data storage devices.
  • Guaranteed recovery from all types of data loss situations.
  • Risk-free data recovery and no obligation quote after assessment.
  • Simple, fast and efficient data recovery process for complete recovery.
  • Customized data recovery service for businesses across 15 branches in India.

Stellar Data Recovery is trusted by over 2 million customers worldwide and offers secure data recovery with the guarantee of 100% data privacy and security. The company handles over 35000+ data recovery jobs per year and have extensive experience with hard drive recovery. For all your data loss problems, you have nothing to lose with their No Recovery – No Charge* policy!


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