How to Find and Select the Ideal Property for Your New Dental Practice


Suppose you are an aspiring dentist looking forward to opening your dental practice. In that case, you should consider a few things before choosing the ideal property for your clinic. Once you start looking for premises, you will come across many options, each with its advantages. However, every business is unique, and your practice’s success will depend as much on the premises you have chosen to set up your dental clinic as your skills. You can check out properties from groups like Health Pro Realty Group – HPRG to get an idea about how an excellent dental clinic premise should be like. Here are some of the points you need to find and select your new dental practice’s ideal property.

The Geographical Location

The physical location of the dental clinic should be your primary concern while choosing the premises. Is the dental clinic going to be too far from the community you are trying to serve? Is connectivity through public transport to your premises good enough? Prime locations cost more, and a new dentist might not have a sizeable amount to initially invest in such locations.

A property at the fringes of a town would cost less than if it had been in the city center. However, you can at least ensure that a community will develop close to the dental practice location within the next couple of years, just in time when you would look forward to expanding your business.

Non-Compete Contract

This can be a matter of concern, depending on the state you are residing in or looking forward to opening your clinic. A non-compete contract is nothing but a document stating that you cannot open your clinic within a certain radius of the dental clinic owned by another dentist under whom you might have interned. This ensures that the erstwhile dentist does not lose out on patients when there is another dentist in town. In case non-compete contracts are legal in your state, you need to look for a location outside the radius states in the contract.


You must make it a point to include the region’s demographics when you think of opening your dental practice. What is the average age group of the people living in the area you are thinking of serving? Are the older people who would need more specialized care and for whom your dental clinic would need some added facilities? In that case, will the premises be suitable enough to house those facilities? Is there any area that dentists underserved?

If so, choosing a property here will likely bring you more patients, helping your clinic grow. Is the area served by insurance companies, and do the people here have dental insurance? Dental problems can cause a lot of discomforts. Still, they are rarely life-threatening, so if the community members do not have insurance, they will often forego care, which can be detrimental for your business.


As a new dentist, you must have an idea in your head to practice in upscale localities and prime locations. However, these areas almost always have a concentration of various amenities, including dentistry. Does the property of your choice also house other pre-established and successful dental clinics? If yes, are you sure you will provide the community members something through your service that they are not already getting from their previous dentists, whom they have grown to trust over time?

If you plan to lower your fees to gain a footing in the industry, are you sure the reduced income will be enough to cover the costs of operating a clinic in a prime property? You need to take into consideration all these factors before finalizing the property.

Amenities Inside the Property

A well-constructed brick and mortar building is no longer enough to merit purchasing or renting a property for a clinic. You have to take into account some other factors as well. Does the property have clean bathrooms for the visitors? Does it have ample parking space? Is the property constructed, keeping in mind the needs of the specially-abled patients? Are there outdoor spaces and cafeterias which the patients might use for their convenience? Is the property eco-friendly? Are the utility charges inside the building reasonable enough? Answers to these questions will determine your final choice.

By careful examination of these various parameters, you will choose the right property for setting up your dental practice. Ensure to take a physical look at the office space you choose to ensure that it’s right for your practice and seek professional assistance from the top office space realtors such as Health Pro Realty Group – HPRGto narrow down on the right options.


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