A Guide To Introducing Eggs To Babies


Eggs have such great nutritional values for babies to help them in development. But egg allergy is so common in babies. It affects about 2% of young children all over the world. Further, egg whites have the most proteins, but even it creates egg allergies in children. The allergies and intolerances can be from either one side or both parts of eggs. Children go Ready, Set, Food without thinking of the complications much. There is no such reason for avoiding eggs or even yolks. After the babies start taking solid foods, they can be fed eggs. The babies start taking solid foods around four months to 6 months.

The introduction of eggs early in life to the babies can give great development benefits and decrease the allergy by almost 80%.

When should eggs be introduced to the babies?

It’s not necessary to wait for the babies to get older to feed them eggs. Likewise, the multi allergen introduction starts early in life. After the babies reach 6 months, they try their first foods. All the babies develop at different rates, so the following should be followed:

  • They can sit properly and don’t push the foods directly into the mouths
  • Follow only the foods they show great interest with their eyes
  • Offer kids food when they open their mouths wide when a spoon is brought near them

Eggs are filled with nutrition in every bit, providing healthy fats. Also, it contains vitamins, minerals and all other nutrients required in the body.

How to introduce eggs to the babies?

Now introducing new foods to babies can be scary for them. Just go ready, set, food!, and you can feed them what they are most scared of.

  • Start introducing eggs at the early age of 4 to 6 months.
  • Be sure that the baby is healthy before feeding them eggs. With no symptoms, you can move ahead with eggs.
  • Check with the paediatrician first as the chances of developing egg allergy is very common. Besides, babies suffering from eczema have dry patchy skin, and rashes are developing weirdly.
  • Give the first bite of the egg at the comfort of your home so that the child doesn’t feel nervous about taking it.

There are many great recipes you can try to give them eggs for the first time.

These are simple egg recipes that can be prepared easily at home

1Early allergen introduction powder

There are so many early introduction powders which is a hassle-free way to mix with eggs. Further, the powders can be combined with breastmilk or bottle-fed milk. You can also mix it with oatmeal or even purees.

2Homemade recipes

The cooked eggs can be made in various ways to delight a child’s heart. It can be boiled, poached or even scrambled. After cooking, you can mash it into a thick paste and mix it with breastmilk. But the eggs have to be thoroughly cooked.

About 70% of the allergic kids can tolerate boiled eggs, and they can be taken well into the diet.


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