Top 5 Qualities of A Good Divorce Lawyer


The divorce process is very tough, which is one reason people hire divorce lawyers. You must hire a lawyer that represents you in your best interests. The representation has to suit you, your case, and your specific needs. When it comes to hiring one, people seek expertise in this field because this lawyer might even represent you for months and years. With this in mind, there are several qualities of a good divorce lawyer that you should look out for. They include:


This is a vital step you should take when looking for a UK divorce lawyers. Divorce is a case that changes your whole life, and a highly professional lawyer should handle it. Find out the schools they have studies their practice at. A good lawyer always has to have a good academic background, ensure that you see to that. Ensure that you can validate your lawyer’s academic specialization in the field.

The divorce lawyer has to be licensed. Ensure that you also know the states from which he /she is allowed to practice from. This is because your spouse might be from different states from which your lawyer is not licensed to practice.

The qualification also includes reputation. You can ask for the judge’s opinion on the lawyer’s work. The more qualified is, the more likely you are to win the case.

2Good Communicational Skills

Effortless and understandable communication with your lawyer is vital. You should able to communicate your concerns and expectations to your lawyer effectively. Your lawyer should effectively explain in detail everything regarding your case and provide you realistic expectations from the case.

Your lawyer’s ability to talk to your spouse is also very important. This is because good communications help to good negotiations and low costs on the case. The lawyer is expected to negotiate resolutions that are of importance to you before heading to the court.

Communication in the court is very important. The lawyer should effectively communicate and litigate in the courtroom regardless of the back and forth between the two sides. A divorce case is mostly heated up with emotional outbursts from both parties. With this in mind, your lawyer should be able to maintain composure and professionalism.


Ensure that the lawyer is always available in time of need.  Availability determines how well you and your lawyer will communicate. If the lawyer is never there to answer your questions, build strategies with you, then you will not be confident being represented by them. As much as the lawyers handle many cases, the time planned for your case should be enough for both of you to be adequately prepared before going to court.


Honesty is necessary to form both parties between the client and the attorney. Ensure that you are honest about the whole situation, and the divorce lawyer should be honest about your options. Be on the lookout for malicious clients who are after the client’s money. Instead of being honest with the clients, they keep their hopes up by promising them outcomes that they aren’t in control of.

5Well Equipped

Ensure that you hire a lawyer that has easy access to all resources needed to help you in the case. You can know this by asking questions. A resourceful attorney can find out the minors of the case, thus adding you a winning advantage.

Divorce is a very crucial case; ensure that you have done ample research before hiring an attorney.


  1. You made a good point when you said that you should look for a divorce lawyer who has the resources and contacts to properly handle your case. Especially since divorce is a procedure that can determine the fate of you and your kids you’ll want to make sure your lawyer has access to the best resources possible. I just hope that I can find someone like that for my cousin who’s currently planning to break up with his wife. He’s still shaken up after discovering that she cheated on him so I’m helping him out with the process by finding an attorney on his behalf.


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