Why you Need a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection


Buying a property is a significant investment, and you do not want to risk purchasing a dilapidated structure.  Whether it is a commercial building or residential, getting a competent pre-purchase building inspector is essential.  A pre-purchase inspection is part of the buying process; hence you need to take it seriously.  Besides, the process helps you evaluate the value of the building, whether you are buying or selling. If there are any structural issues, the discount will have to go down to cover up the repair cost the buyer will incur. Here are why you need a pre-purchase building inspection:

For Transparency and Honesty

If you are a seller and have an inspection report, the client will view you as transparent and honest. Again, the information helps defend the cost of the building as you can see the value of every detail. The transaction process becomes shorter as the buyer doesn’t have to wait for the report to close the sale. Remember, if a buyer or seller believes that you are honest, they will be willing to transact with you, which is an added advantage. Competition in real estate is stiff, and you will be less marketable if the clients feel that you are hiding something.

To Avoid Last Minute Rush

The pre-purchase inspection report is essential for the sale of the property. It helps if you get it in advance because it will be required at the point of selling. If you delay getting one, the sale process may be delayed or even canceled. Imagine looking for a buyer for some time, then lose them because you failed to produce a pre-inspection report.

If you plan to sell a property, you can contract a building and pest inspection in Adelaide in advance to have the building inspected, and a report did before the transaction. The best part is that some inspection includes inspection to look for any signs of pest infestation. Remember controlling pests can be challenging, so the buyer better be aware before the purchase for them to be prepared to deal with the problems.

A Smooth Transaction is Key

As a buyer, inspection allows a smooth transaction during the closing of a sale. It is easier to negotiate and agree on the value of the building if you have based on the report. Valuing the house becomes easy as all the details will already be documented in the report. Besides, the buyer will cut the cost as they will be no need to hire a real estate evaluator to value the house.  Plus, you will know how safe the place is or what aspects need repair before buying the home. In case there is an appliance that needs fixing, you will be prepared for them.

When you want a building inspection in Adelaide, it helps if you hire the right person. Remember, the inspector needs to be licensed with experience. You can ask for a referral from those who have used the services before. Also, it would help if you considered cost because you don’t want to be overcharged for the services. You can always go to the internet and find out about companies that offer inspection services plus their charges.


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