It was a great idea to rent a condo in South Pattaya!


I love traveling and can really appreciate interesting places, especially those that offer many activities and even more unforgettable memories. With my girlfriend, we decided to experience Thailand and to spend some time by the sea. After a long thought, we settled on the Pattaya area because we knew that it is a place that never sleeps and that offers basically anything a regular tourist might wish for.

We contacted South Pattaya Property, which offers many condominiums for rent in the South Pattaya area. The place of our interest was to the very south of Pattaya, as it felt really close to other parts and filled with attractions and possibilities to have a great time at the same time.

People from South Pattaya Property were really kind and helpful to us, I literally can not point out anything that I would not be hundred percent satisfied with. Everything went smooth and soon, we rented a smaller, cozy condo in South Pattaya with a terrific sea view for two whole months while still honoring our planned budget. We really give props to South Pattaya Property!

The two best months of our lives!

You are probably most interested in our adventures and new experiences, right? Let’s get to it, then!

The very first day, we just had to go to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden – the most beautiful garden in all of Southeast Asia. Luckily, the garden was only fourteen kilometers far from our place. My girlfriend loves flowers and romantic spots (which girlfriend doesn’t, right?). In the end, I was really glad that the trip made her happy. She was thrilled and I have to admit, so was I. This place really gets under your skin with its almost magical atmosphere and omnipresent feeling of serenity. It is enough to just sit down, breathe in the atmosphere and see that all your troubles slowly disappear. I can not recommend enough!

Partying on South Pattaya’s world renown streets Pattayaland and the Walking Street

pattaya walking street

The famous Walking Street, Pattaya

Both being party animals, we could not resist visiting the renowned party streets and I must say, we have never ever experienced better nights (and mornings!) that we have there in Pattaya streets. All those shining colorful lights, atmosphere, crafty street artists… We were both utterly fascinated by the vibrant nightlife. After that hit the bars. The common price for alcohol really surprised us – it is really cheap so you are able to dance and drink and be merry and not be financially ruined in the morning as we¬†experienced in other parts of the world.

Wat Phra Khao Yai (the “Big Buddha Hill”)

The Bigh Buddha Hill, Pattaya

The Big Buddha Hill, Pattaya

Another worthwhile place to visit in South Pattaya is undoubtedly this majestic statue of Buddha (around 18 meters tall!). We often went on hikes to the top of the hill to see this beautiful marvel. While there, you feel quite dwarfed by the size of the statue which leads to an interesting atmosphere of impressiveness and grandeur. There are also many other, smaller statues nearby. It is an interesting thing to see people praying to the statue or just observing the whole area down the hill.

Koh Larn (a coral island near Pattaya)

Koh Larn beach Thailand

Koh Larn beach Thailand

We undertook many trips to various local islands but the one that impressed us the most was definitely Koh Larn – a home to one of the most beautiful (and famous, too!) sandy beach in the whole Thailand. We really enjoyed some romantic moments together with my girlfriend.

Everything is nice and cozy and there is even a small village. There, it is possible to buy everything necessary, even to have a refreshing drink or a tasty meal. It is great to have a short rest from the always busy Pattaya justbefore you return into its loving arms.

We DO recommend!

We were utterly enthralled by the whole Thailand trip – the sea, the atmosphere, the people and the food. We will definitely return soon and will use the services of South Pattaya Property to rent our beloved condominium once again. And if it will not be free, we will definitely choose something other from the great variety of condos for rent in South Pattaya so we can relive the best times of our lives.

Lots of love,

James and Gloria


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