G-Suite vs. Office 365: Which Service Is Right for Your Business?


Have you recently set up a business? Perhaps the pandemic has spurred you on. Or maybe the rise of remote working has led you to think again about the kind of services you offer your employees.

One of the key decisions you will have to make is Google vs Microsoft when it comes to your office tools.

Which one should you pick? Here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft Office vs Google Suite.

Get Your Domain With G-Suite

When considering Google apps for work vs Microsoft  Office 365, Gmail is great because it comes with your own domain and you can also buy personalized email addresses.

Having your own domain and hosting means you can create your own website that you can use time and time again.

This is perfect for branding because it allows users to easily find your brand or company. It also looks more professional.

Even if your business only consists of a handful of people you can still set up multiple email addresses all coming back to the same inbox. This makes your business seem like you have different departments and employ different people.

You could have a [email protected] address an [email protected] and it is even possible to make up fictional people who work at your business and give them a domain when really you are answering them.

This is something you should take into account when considering Google G Suite vs Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Word Vs Google Docs

The next decision you have to make in the endless Google vs Microsoft debate is whether you want to use Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Google Docs does its job and there’s no doubt it’s great for collaborating as multiple people can see the document and edit it at the same time. Recently Google allowed you to add comments to Word documents from Google Drive. However, it doesn’t have all the tools or the familiarity of Microsoft’s Office suite.

Everyone loves Microsoft Office 365 and it is worth paying for. Most people who work in offices are familiar with it.

Gmail vs Outlook

Whilst Microsoft Word is the go-to word processor client that might be a go-to for many businesses, Gmail is the go-to email client that most employees are familiar with and know how to use. If you learn how to use it you can even send money from Gmail without leaving the program.

Increasingly instead of having outlook which comes with its own program and is quite antiquated in comparison, many businesses are turning to Gmail. It’s simple and has a much easier to use user interface.

It can also be used online in a browser and there is no need to download a specific program onto every computer your business owns.

Google vs Microsoft: Think About What Your Business Needs

Google vs Microsoft, the endless debate goes on. You need to think about what your business needs. What programs are your employees most familiar with and what features do both offers that will really take your business to the next level?

Gmail is increasingly the go-to email account because it’s leaner and faster than Outlook but Google Docs cannot compare to the number of features and ubiquity of Microsoft Word.

If you are interested in learning more about Google vs Microsoft be sure to check out the rest of our site.


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