What Should Be Your Flower as per Your Sun-Sign?


Today we are going to share some absolutely different stories about flowers and star-signs. You must be confused that how can sun-signs be related to flowers? Well then, it would be a surprising fact that there is something called flower astrology which says that one’s characteristic as guided by the stars matches with certain flowers. And we are here to let you know about your flower so that next time you get online flowers delivery, you place an order for the flower meant for the receiver.

Honeysuckle for Aries

People of this sun-sign represent the flower honeysuckle. The Rams have a natural power that attracts people towards them and they are sweet as well just like the fragrance of this flower. Just like bees cannot resist the temptation of honey from flowers, just in the same way, people cannot stay away from your charm. The Arians are strong-headed and find solution to every problem with their own wit and intelligence.

Poppy for Taurus

Taureans are earth signs who have an eye for observation and perfection. They know to put things together beautifully. They can also be called a natural artist and they often carry a better sense of art. Just like the Poppy flowers, the Taurus people loves luxury and pleasure. They are resilient and in a head strong way faces all the challenges of life, quite like poppy.

Poppy for Taurus

Lavender for Gemini

Lavender are tall, bushy, and slender and they are seen from a long distance. This Gemini’s are quite similar to lavender. They are creative, expressive, have an active mind, and idealistic. Wherever they go, they smear people with their unique ideas.

Acanthus for Cancer

Sensitivity is the key element for both this sign and flower. They are perceptive and their intuitions play correctly in matters of the heart. They are sympathetic about others and react a lot on all the ongoing events. So, order flowers online for the Cancer friend f yours.

Acanthus for Cancer

Sunflower for Leo

Always the brightest one that shines among the rest – is the definition of a sunflower. Likewise, Leo people are leaders wherever they go. They are the most energetic and influential persons on the earth. They are humble, generous, and love intelligence.

Morning glory for Virgo

You are very clear in your head and people come to you to seek advice. You are analytical and always a good observer. That’s why may be you can make wrong things right in no time. If you are lucky to have a Virgo friend, order morning glory  flowers online for him.

Morning glory for Virgo

Rose for Libra

You have an eye for classic beauty. You are the one to see beauty, poetry, and music in everything and therefore just like thorns in a rose plant, you don’t think to prick those who are cruel and unlawful.

Chrysanthemum for Scorpio

You and your mysteries are always unfolding. It’s very hard to get the exact psyche of yours. Because the moment people think that they have known you, another surprising trait of yours surfaces.

Narcissus for Sagittarius

You are very blunt, trustworthy, and honest. You always have a small set of friends but your dark side is only known to you. You are blessed with great imaginative powers and you love to dream.

Carnation for Capricorn

You are always adaptable to your surroundings and love to live in an organized way. You are a hard worker who loves to get things done on your own way.

Carnation for Capricorn

Orchid for Aquarius

People are glued to your dreamy persona and unique attitude. You have an air of mystery around you and you love to keep that shade on yourself. Your eccentric ways of thinking is something which makes you famous.

Orchid for Aquarius

Water Lily for Pisces

Water lilies and Pisces both of their roots touch unseen knowledge. They are peaceful and calm and loves to remain in silence. This silence gives Pisces an enviable intuitive power. These people are mostly artists by nature.

So hope that now you know for which person what flower can be ordered.


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