Give Your Pool Added Elegance With Limestone Pavers


The exterior of your home needs to look great if you really want your home to stand out in the neighborhood. The most important thing is the drive way or the pavement. The best pavements are those that need little maintenance and are long lasting. There are many factors that determine the type of material that must be used and the most important is the climate of the area your house lies in.

As far as a trusted material is concerned, the best material for pavement is the limestone. The limestone pavers are very common in the most stylish driveways. Limestone is obtained from sea beds and caves. This naturally durable material is best suited for high load areas, such as pavements or driveways. Limestone is in use since times immemorial. One of the most popular ancient architecture, the Great Pyramids in Egypt is made of limestone.

Benefits of limestone pavements

Swimming Pool with Lake View

  • Enhance Property Value: By installing limestone pavers in your home or commercial property, you will definitely enhance its curb appeal. You cannot compare concrete pavers with limestone as limestone is far superior in many aspects. Limestone landscaping for example is a great investment than concrete. So if you want to add value to your property, limestone should be your choice.
  • Cost: The cost of laying the pavement can go very high but using limestone makes it very cost-effective. This material is especially very useful in areas that receive high traffic. These places may require you to replace the pavers a lot many times that will cost you a lot. So, it is a good idea to use a cost-effective material like limestone which looks very expensive and high grade.
  • Durability: Driveways and pavements are high traffic areas, which also experience heavy load of car and other vehicles. It is also an area that may experience a lot of breakage, wear, and tear. This means that it will also need a lot of repair work. But, if you go or limestone pavers then it needs lesser repair because it is durable and capable of taking high loads. Even if you need repair, it will be, first, very rare and second, cost-effective.
  • Color options and customization: When you like variety then limestone pavers are the best option. Limestone pavers vary in appearance that makes each application a distinctive look. There are a range of colors that can complement any kind of decor and style. The colors that are available in limestone are grey, white, creamy, buff, gold, etc. Even the finish of the pavement can be experimented with if you use limestone for the pavement. This material is easily customizable and can match any type of requirement.
  • Easy to repair: Since nothing is forever, if at all there is a need to replace a part of the pavement then limestone makes it easy. You can just get the limestone piece fitted into the broken area because this material can be made into any shape.
  • Versatility: The limestone pavers are known for their versatility and can be used for residential or commercial purposes. This is important because you do not have to do a lot of thinking in selecting different materials for different uses. Limestone paving is also perfect for outdoor areas like pool surroundings, patios, courtyards and terraces, etc. You can also use it indoors in corridors and bathrooms in both residential and commercial places.  In fact, you can also opt for limestone tiles for wet areas as they are being non-slippery and dry instantly.  It also used commonly for landscaping and architectural uses.
  • Limestone is porous:  The one thing that must be kept in mind is that the limestone is a porous material and the permeability of the limestone is the basis of the cost of different types of limestone. The most available surface texture is honed but there are also other types that can be heat-treated and new textures can be developed.
  • Long lasting and sturdy: Whenever selecting material for the high impact places like the drive way, choose a material that is not only impact resistant but also highly resistant to abrasion. when it comes to pavers, limestone is a great choice for your swimming pool paving. The reason being that the area that is roughly used must not abrade away before the lesser used one giving you unsightly look and for this reason also limestone pavers are the best pick as they remain the same color throughout.


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