Are TV Stands Still Popular?


Many people think TV stands are dead since you can easily mount your new Plasma TV on the wall without worrying about buying a TV stand for it. They have been part of our room design and layout for half a century now, and they’re not about to go out of fashion anytime soon. Here is a list of advantages that makes modern TV stands indispensable in many homes:

TV Stands are Very Versatile

Unlike wall mounts, which only allow you to mount your TV, stands are much more than just a place to put your TV on. You can get TV stands of any shape, size, and form – If you want a huge one to fill up your room and provide extra shelf place, you can do that. If you want a small stand only that only has enough room for your TV, you can put it there. If you want a mounted TV stand to have all the advantages of wall mounts, as well as extra shelves under your TV, you have that option. This versatility means you’ll find a TV stand that will fit your very specific needs, but that won’t always be the case with Wall Mounts.

They Provide More Space on the Wall

While wall Mounts are usually associated with freeing up space for extra furniture in your room, they take up the majority of your wall. If you are someone who likes to hang pictures, drawings, or different works of art, TV stands help you free up your wall. You’ll be able to fully express your personality and artistic taste on the walls without worrying about how to work around a TV.

Better Control over Layouts

Another common disadvantage of wall mounts, related to their rigid use, is how constrained you’ll be with how you can lay out your furniture and design your rooms around a wall mount. TV stands have traditionally been the centre of the living room where you can model the rest of the furniture after them. Without a TV stand, there’ll be a hard-to-fill vacuum in the heart of your room that leaves the design empty and unattractive.

A telly stand is the answer to all of those problems – you’ll be able to buy one that complements the rest of your furniture – a stand in the style and colour you want. If you want a colourful, cheerful, joie-de-vivre room, you can buy a red TV stand that stands out and gives an air of animation to the room. On the other hand, a black Victorian TV stand will give your room a touch of sophistication and polish.

Excellent Place to Store miscellaneous Items

Whether you want to make your very own mini-library in your living room or you want a place to store your game disks and console peripherals, you’ll find that a TV stand is an excellent place to do that. Having a place right in the middle of your living room to store anything you want will make your life a lot easier. Reaching for a book or a game when you’re bored from watching the TV is every lazy person’s dream. If nothing else, you can store all the small odds and ends in your living room in the TV stand – it’ll tidy up your living room and make it look much more organized.


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