Lighting Hacks: Proper Lighting Tips To Spruce Up Your Bathroom


Having the right lighting to your bathroom is necessary. In a small-scale bathroom, the dimmer the light is, the smaller it appears. It’s just one example of how important a proper lighting is to a particular space. But whatever size it will be, a bathroom should always feel open and bright.

Certain bathroom ideas adds a lot to your shower. If you chose to have one of the best corner shower enclosures , it will certainly add luxury to your bathroom. However, lighting is the one that amplifies each details.

When setting the lighting for bathrooms, it is essential to develop a lighting configuration that will completely brighten the entire space but does not overwhelm the room which only makes it look smaller and cluttered.

The primary key factor for lighting a bathroom is to think artistically. Move aside those conventional bathroom lighting and pay your attention to bathroom light fixtures that will widen the small space for both lighting and design. Here are some that you can follow.

Task Lighting

A perfect example of a task lighting is the vanity lights. These bathroom lighting fixtures get the highest regard because it’s function is to brighten up the head and face for grooming. It helps you apply your makeup or shave with accuracy.

The best fixtures for emitting a fair amount of light across the face are the mounted sconces or vertical fixtures on one or the other side of the mirror.  Using sidelights can be unwise in some cases, but you can use those fixtures over the mirror. It should be 75 to 80 inches above the flooring and holds at least 150 watts.

The secondary area that needs task lighting is the shower. For smaller bathrooms,  especially the ones with transparent glass door, a lighting fixture is no longer necessary. On the flip side, a recessed light with a glass lens is recommendable.  These types of accessories also work best over the toilet or freestanding tub.

Tips When Adding Task Lighting

Avoid installing recessed lighting in the ceiling if possible. It will only give a  powerful light to your forehead and emit deep shadows onto your nose, chin, and below your eyes. This type of light is incompetent when you have to shave or apply makeup.

Accent Lighting

If you appreciate crafts in your bathroom, having accent lighting will help to showcase it. The recessed directional lights implement direct illumination for each piece of art in your bathroom.

A small-scale recessed spotlight in the bathroom focused on a section of fancy work of art or a physically attractive powder room basin generates another layer of light. Correspondingly, a recessed shower fixture can be tilted up to thirty-five degrees at installation to feature fine looking tilework or fixtures causing them to sparkle.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting functions as a fill light. If your bathroom has a towering ceiling, a cantilever or cove details, have ambient lighting fixtures installed along the boundaries of the area. Structural elements like these can conceal the fixture and generate an indirect lighting.

For instance, you can put a pendant fixture with a clear shade that can be a point of supply of both ambient and decorative light. It can be a substitute or an alternative for natural light. Think creatively about whatever choice you make.

Try considering for a chandelier or a pendant lamp. Accent Lighting is the overall finishing touch to a bathroom lighting configuration. It balances the entire brightness of the area. It also offers a delicate glow that develops depth and features the various parts of the bathroom.

Decorative Lighting

Having decorative lighting in your bathroom adds a visual radiance, though it may not be the main source of lighting, it is just as important as well. Either in a large master bathroom or a small one. Decorative lighting can boost the entire design of your space while sustaining its function.

Lighting should recognize the different layers; the first layer is the common light which gives a well-lit space. The second will be the decorative which includes ceiling lights like pendants and chandeliers, and wall sconces.

But whatever type of decorative lighting you choose, it is essential to know how intense the light is, whether it is a warm or cool color temperature and the kind of light bulb it needs. Avoid those fluorescent lighting and opt for a warm color LED which is more excellent around the mirrors.

Think about Dimmers

Dimmers offer a complete authority over the lighting as well as the overall mood of the room. For bathrooms with limited space, dimming the vanity fixtures may bring you a multifunctional ambient, task, accent, and decorative lighting.

Choosing the Right Bulbs

A refreshing white light mainly restores skin tones precisely. And halogen bulbs are the golden standard. It might cost you more compared to incandescent bulbs; however, halogen lasts longer. The current compact fluorescent bulbs also provide excellent color rendering and are up to ten times more effective than the standard incandescent bulb.

Safety First

Focusing on the physical appearance does not lessen the significance of safety. Water and electricity are still the fatal associates, and they socialize more in the bathroom. Ask for professional advice before dealing with simple lighting projects.

All the latest outlets are required to have ground fault circuit interrupters according to the national electric code. Despite having a GFCI, do not install plug-in lamps should close to tub or gold sinks. Lighting fixtures must be six feet away to a specific shower, or tub or must have a shower location and wet rate.


Bathrooms are presumably given the least attention when it comes to interior lighting. But as the bathroom progressively becomes a place to recharge and relax, wrap up with spa tub and steam shower, the lighting demands more attention. Bathrooms are completely changing from a second thought rooms into bigger and better spaces.

By adding well-placed task lightings such as modern wall lights, ambient lighting like chandeliers, accent lighting such as a small-scale recessed spotlight, and decorative lighting like pendant lamps helps you to improve the look of your bathroom.



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