EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review


EaseUS is an established name in the field of the data or file recovery. Maximum, people go for this option to recover their files or the data. It is the free data recovery software which is convenient to use. It is user friendly and easy to use tool. It is used when the data is not recoverable. Most of the incidents occur today where the file is lost due to many factors due to which the need of these types of the software has increased. By use of this kind of software the file recovery is done easily.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process which involves the recovery of the lost files, data, image, video, corrupted file, damaged files from both the secondary storage and removable media.Data recovery is required whenever there is a physical damage or logical damage to the file system. There are although four ways to recover up the data in which the use of the software to recover data is most promptly used other are

  • Repair of the hard disk
  • Imaging of the drive to the new drive
  • Logical recovery of the files
  • Repairing of the retrieved files that were damaged

Recovery of the Data using EaseUS

EaseUS allows the user to recover all kind of the data or the file Also the recovery is done from the different situations faced by the individual like malware, crashed disk, OS crash and many more.

Packages available

Various packages are available under EaseUS which is available on their official website. It is acclaimed by the individuals or by the companies and tech experts. It has very interactive interface. It has a very simplified working due to which most of the people use it. To the large extent it is a productive tool with great flexibility. Almost every scanning process is easier to adopt and recover the lost out file.

Various packages available under it are:

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Pro+WinPE

The free version is available without any cost to recover about 2GB of the data at once. This recovery software is used mostly. The other is the paid offers which are used by the companies mostly on large basis. They recover unlimited amount of the data in one go.

Procedure of using EaseUS

The individual who are using it for the first time have to go through the particular procedure under. Individual has to download the free version of the EaseUS software from their official website. Then opening up of the Wizard will ask you for the location from where the file was actually lost out like from Disk C, Pictures, media etc. this makes the searching procedure easier and limited. Then next is asked about the file name which the user has to enter. After this the scanning procedure is started. First the quick scan is done to search the lost file and after this the deep scanning is done. File is searched out in the deep scanning. The searched result are asked to be previewed which the user does and if it is the same file than select it and press on the restore button


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