Essential Travel Tips for a Great Goa Getaway


Sunbathing on the sandy beaches of a tropical island sounds like a wonderful dream. This is the blissful scene which plays in your mind on repeat, as you sit in your office cubicle typing away some irrelevant letters. You’ve been following this routine for the past twelve years now: waking up to an annoying alarm, wearing the usual gray suit and tie, driving to the office in your rundown car, getting stuck in traffic jams, looking at the same concrete-colored wall each day, all while striving to survive through the tense workplace atmosphere. You haven’t taken a break for all that time.

What you direly need is to get away from the metropolis and to make your tropical vacation dream a reality.

One of the best and most affordable places you can head over to right now be Goa. Located in India, it’s got nearly everything which you expect from a tropical getaway: palm trees, multiple beach spots, refreshing drinks, friendly locals, interesting cuisine, out-of-this-world music, and curiously crafted artifacts. If you’re traveling there for the first time, you need to keep a few essential things in mind. Here are a few important tips which will guide you on your Goa adventure.

December’s a No-No

Time and place matter immensely when you’re planning your long-awaited vacation. You don’t want anything to go wrong. There’s just no space for taking chances. That’s why it’s always advisable to do ample research, using your Comcast Xfinity internet connection, before booking your flight and heading over to the spot. Goa is literally packed in December, as it is the peak season, making its major beaches like Calangute and Candolim almost inaccessible. Select a more moderate season like September to make your visit.

Travel Thriftily

The first rule of traveling to a tropical place is to pack lightly. You don’t need heavy suitcases, as lugging them around on dusty tracks would be nothing short of a hassle. Carry only the most basic and minimal sort of luggage. The next concern should be choosing the right mode of transportation as you touch land and arrive at the destination. Once they see that you’re a foreigner, local taxi drivers will immediately straighten up their collars and ask for sky-reaching fares. You can avoid this by renting scooters. These convenient rides are not only affordable but also very enjoyable. You can feel the wind whipping through your hair as you wind your way through the Goa roads on these two-wheelers.

Indulge in Food Fusion

If you want to successfully immerse yourself in a different culture, then you need to try its food. Food holds the secret doorway to the native soul. Each culture has its own unique taste and blends of food. However, what you’ll find in Goa is a food fusion of an odd, but pleasing, sort. It is a mixture of multicultural cuisines, the by-product of colonialism. But the dish that stands out as Goa special, and is a must-try for newcomers, is fish curry. Spicy, sweet, and salty, this dish encapsulates nearly all the flavors.

Experience Water Sports

You’re heading to a beach destination. Besides soaking in the sun and drinking coconut water, you should take advantage of the vast ocean as well. When’s the last time you did something exhilarating, adventurous, and sporty? Can’t remember, can you? Well, it’s time to instantly shave off ten years from your age and to engage in water sports at Goa. Jet-skiing, parasailing, and scuba-diving are popular activities in Goa, to the point where there’s equipment’s right there for your use.

Fish for Souvenirs

It’s understandable that you want to take something back home with you to remind you of your fascinating adventure. Goa’s flea markets are the perfect place for shopping for some incredible souvenirs, like hand-woven carpets, exotic spices in a jar, cute little trinkets, and more. All you’ll need to do is learn how to bargain and you’ll be saved from being ripped off. It’s a fun experience, nevertheless.

Explore Urban and Rural Spots

Besides the sandy beaches, there are other attractions in Goa which you can frequent if the day is particularly cloudy. Lose yourself exploring the ancient and mystical Portuguese-style buildings, visit the museums and churches, walk down the local plantations, dance with the locals during nightly parties, and see the nature in all its beauty under calm and soothing waterfalls. Remember: there is much more to Goa than meets the eye. Find the hidden and less-crowded spots, and you’ll be thrilled.

Respect the Native Flow

When you step into a new culture, you should learn to respect its idiosyncrasies, regardless of the fact that you may not agree with them. Treat the local’s kindly, try to follow the native customs, and you’ll find yourself spiritually in-tune with them.

So are you ready? Keep the aforementioned tips in mind if you wish to make your Goa getaway GREAT!


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