Amazing DIY Basement Bathroom Ideas Everyone Should Try


Give your basement bathroom an upgrade without hurting your budget! You can now accommodate guests in your basement and never be ashamed of the basement bathroom again.

Is your basement normally empty? Why not turn it into a guest room and make use of the space? You can creatively hide miscellaneous items on shelves and in cabinets, and you can confidently host guests there if you tidy it up a bit. You can even add a basement bathroom to make it accessible to your guests in the middle of the night, without them struggling to climb up the stairs in a drowsy state.

But how can you remodel a basement bathroom if it gets out of style? These recent years, there has been a spike in DIY (do it yourself) projects—you can find several online—and it’s a good way to express yourself creatively. It’s actually a good way to save money as well—a small bathroom can actually rack up to $20,000, and most of it goes to your general contractor. Save yourself some money and do some DIY bathroom projects instead.

Here are ways to add personality to your basement bathroom:

Rustic wooden bathroom ladder.

You can install this just above the toilet, and you can use this to hang towels and other products with the help of a detachable metal basket. This will make the bathroom look rustic and add some character to it. You can easily make this with lumber scraps you have lying around, or you can go to the nearest lumberyard in your area and get distressed wooden pieces. You only need four pieces of wood and basic hammering skills, and with some careful measurement of the toilet height and width, you be done with this project in just a few hours!

Tiled mirror.

Does your seamless mirror bore you? While it is timeless and a seamless bathroom mirror is indeed a safe choice, it can actually make your bathroom seem dull and bare. But with a few extra tiles, you can make the bathroom mirror look like a masterpiece! You need to measure your mirror and create a blank wooden frame, as thick as you desire it to be. On the flat surface, work your way through by securing the small tiles in place with a strong adhesive and cure it for five to six hours. Slowly grout the surface and make sure each gap is covered; wait for twenty to thirty minutes before you can wipe the excess off. This project is a great way to add some color to a dull bathroom.

Install a new toilet.

Did you know that toilets become outdated? Unlike most of the room, the toilet is the most-used item and can actually age faster if it’s not taken care of. Don’t bother reviving the old toilet that came with the house, though; upgrade instead from a selection of Saniflo toilets and give your guests better comfort during their stay!

Traditional farmhouse palette.

Grab your paint brush and go for traditional farmhouse palette for cabinets and drawers to make it look cozy and, at the same time, rustic. You can incorporate accessories and towels with the same hue and maybe stick with the white walls for that farmhouse charm. Add an indoor plant in a ceramic pot by the toilet to add a little bit of contrast in the room.

Industrial farmhouse floating shelves.

Your guests might need more tissues or other toiletries, but they really don’t want to bother you. By adding floating shelves where you can put the tissue rolls and fresh towels or soap refills, you’re making sure your guests are taken care of for their entire stay. There are floating shelving sets you can buy in any hardware store, or you can make one from wood scraps from the lumberyard.

Spray paint bathroom fixtures and knobs.

Gold or silver, these are the common colors for the bathroom fixtures and can get a bit outdated and boring. Grab a can of matte spray paint and go for monotone colors or, if you’re adventurous, go for bold colors. Make sure it goes well with your main theme and palette, and protect the surrounding walls and items with tape and paper. A new color to the fixtures can add that minimalist look and modern touch to your bathroom, and if you’re going for a rustic charm theme, it’s a good clash of styles.

DIY fun curtains.

If your shower stall needs a curtain, then add some accent and customize your own shower curtain. Purchase blank and cheap ones, then paint some acrylic patterns on it with stencils. You can download stencil designs online, and you can have fun with it! It’s a splash of color in the bathroom without being too much.


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