Switzerland – A Fast Pace Fairytale


Switzerland, in one sentence, is a combination of abundant financial support, unending job opportunities, and open-mindedness. What more does an international student want from an alien nation? Switzerland surpasses other countries in many ways; from the splendid beauty of the lakes, mountains, and meadows to the one that has great individuals to be with.

It is a peculiar intersection of different nations, languages, and lifestyles into one, at the very center of Europe. The nation is continuously driven by the forces of knowledge and research. After all, Switzerland is home to more than a 100 Nobel Prize winners. The nation holds an amalgamation of – Cantonal Universities, Institutes of Applied Sciences, Federal Institutes of Technology, and other private higher education institutions.

Life in Switzerland is simplified. The roads are inter-connected, people are generous, and those coming from across the boundaries adapt to the changes, very well. Here is what any international student studying in Switzerland would love to have around –

Promising Location

A lot of return to Switzerland’s economy is due to its tourism industry. How? Switzerland is perfectly placed in the heart of Europe and connected with cities like Lausanne, Geneva, and Zurich by train connectivity. Also, major cities of Switzerland have international airports and are a great weekend gateways.

Cultural Diversity

Switzerland has a very rich cultural diversity, to say this is an understatement. About 30% of locals in Switzerland belong to foreign countries who came, explored, and never went back. Probably, the amiability of the nationals is to be blamed. The country has stringent rules and immigration policies, which filters the talent that floods into the universities of Switzerland. Only the best is offered a stay here!

English, one of the commonly spoken language, has facilitated better conversations and understanding among the locals and foreigners.


For an engaging college life, one must be active in pursuing either sports, hobbies, or any other extra-curricular activity. Sports is the backbone of this country. From running to yachting to cycling to free fall, Switzerland will never disappoint it’s adventurous population. There are even sports that may make you fall in love with the weather. For example, in winters, people often go skiing on weekends with family and friends booking a chalet in Verbier (with Tempston Luxury); in summers, they choose hiking to explore heights; and maybe a barbeque lunch at the woods on a rainy day.

Other winter activities include hockey, skating, ice climbing, and tobogganing. And other summer activities include river rafting, sailing, golf, mountain biking, and paragliding.

Social Engagement

Whatever happens in Switzerland, remains a memory! To make people comfortable with the environment and the people around, cities in Switzerland organize carnivals, fests, concerts, and parades. Other various ways to engage people is the use of social media platforms that is quite run on the mill!

Some Environmental Lovers, too

In Switzerland, unlike many other countries, there is a strict vigilance on the environment. Every native is an environment keeper, protecting it wholeheartedly.

When accountability is in question, Swiss people rule the world. Everybody acts responsible for the duties, they are assigned for. From a postman to an investment banker, Switzerland make people believe in their work. Each of them works for about 41 hours in a week, during which period that take complete responsibility of the tasks.

That said, if by now you have decided to study in Switzerland, you must know where exactly the combination of all above will be provided.

Zurich – Heart of Switzerland

Eminent for its success, meticulousness and low calculations, Zurich may sound more like a spot for entrepreneurs than global students, yet look somewhat closer and you’ll see it surely justifies its place among the world’s student cities.

A universal center point, Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland and the wealthiest in Europe – which brings both upsides and downsides for global aspirants. From one viewpoint, its prosperity implies Zurich is perfect, safe and impeccably kept up, regularly positioning among the world’s most decent urban areas. In any case, on the other, everyday costs can be a bit high.


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