How to travel towards lavish destinations in the India


There are so many places and countries in the world which are worth visiting and undoubtedly India is one of them. If you are visiting India first time it might be an inspiring trip for you.

India is one of the most populous countries where many religious conviction and customs are practiced. Which is why it seems so worthwhile and a charming place to visit and indeed it is.

When someone says India, what comes first in your mind? Poverty? Corruption? Disputes between different sects and religions? Well, don’t judge a book by its cover. There is nothing like you read and heard.

Though on some bases all these issues are true but colours of love, faith, unity and hospitality are way more dominate as compare to these problems. India is a land where you find love not only in different colours but in different languages as well, a land where you find prehistoric forts and palaces. A land with a rich history of ancient time, a land of festivals and wondrous temples. This is India, lovable and beautiful India.

Where you are excited by thinking a joyful experience of spending holidays in India, there you need to be a bit careful. No, don’t worry it is just some precautionary tips which you should follow strictly in order to enjoy your trip even more.

Feel free to go anywhere and enjoy yourself during your trip but always keep these informative tips in mind to make yourself safe, secure, healthy and stress-free.

Feel free like a bird to go anywhere in India

Are you travelling first time to India? Be ready for some crazy fun than. Here in India, you can find a sweet and sour relation between almost everyone. No need to be worried, soon you will be ok with that. This could be the spice of your tour and within few days you will learn how to deal with Indian people.

Make sure you pack right, if you are travelling to India, and you have more luggage than the weight allowed by your airline, you can avoid paying heavy charges. Choose a trustworthy cargo to India company to send your luggage ahead. This will save you a quite a lot.

Indian people are known for hospitality all over the world while in some places you can also face some cheap people as well, which is a part of life. Where this world has nice people there we can also see bad souls in almost every corner of this world. While travelling in India, it is suggested to be sensible in your whole trip. It is recommended that not to be frank with strangers and do not accept any invitation from them.

Try not to argue about any religious discussion as there are many religions followed by people in India, so there is a slight chance that your words might hurt someone’s feelings. Be optimistic but do not warmly welcome anyone to your room and personal life.

Take great care of your travelling documents

For travelling stress-free in India, it is suggested to keep your passport safe throughout your tour. Keep photocopies of your passport and ticket along with yourself. Security at the airport does not let you in if you do not have an appropriate identification.

Also, make it sure that you are not carrying excess luggage with yourself. You can carry maximum 7kgs in your hand carry bag and 15kgs while travelling in India through a domestic flight. While if you are travelling by train or by bus you can take as much baggage with yourself as much you can handle easily.

South portion of India is worth visiting

Instead of visiting big cities like Mumbai and Hyderabad you should start your trip from the southern parts of India. Though there are many interesting places in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad which surely you can enjoy. But views and landscape of south Indian states are really stunning. And on last you must visit the 7th wonder of the world, Taj Mahal, Agra too.

In South India, there are many places where you can spend your holidays blissfully like Ooty, Munaar, Kerala, Hampi and Coorg. It is good if you search a bit about these places before leaving for India. In this way, you can make a proper plan and schedule for travelling and know exactly from where to start your holidays.

Be safe while you are travelling in India

No matter you are travelling in India or any other country, safety for sure means a lot. Nothing is precious than life. While travelling in India, try not to carry heavy cash with yourself. Carry a small amount of cash in different pockets of your clothes.

For female travellers, it is strictly recommended that not to wear too much gold as it can attract wrong kind of attention towards you. Try not to be bold with strangers and cover your body with maximum clothes. Keep emergency contact numbers in your dial list and your medicines along with yourself.

Stay healthy for memorable holidays in India

India is a country of food lover. If you are not habituated to spicy food try not to eat too much then. Every state has its own specialty in foods. You can enjoy Hyderabadi Biryani while in Gujarat you should try KhamanDhokla, Chakri, Khakhra while in sweets Basundi and Ghariare really second to none.

It is not possible that one who visits South India does not taste Idli and Samber which are their specialty. There, in south India, you can have meals on big banana leaves which is their tradition. Different tasty meals and rice on a big banana leaf at the same time not just give nice look but it is tasty as well.

Either you are in south India or in the north portion of India, try to avoid street food. They are not just more than spicy but unhygienic as well. If you still want to give them a chance, try it on your own risk.

It is good if you carry a bottle of mineral water along with you throughout your trip. It is not just unhygienic food you can face in India but contaminated water as well which can cause severe stomach problems. A soap bar, hand sanitizer, handkerchief, toilet papers and first aid kit are a few things you should always have in your hand carry bag.

Stay safe, do not risk your life for a few moments’ fun

There are many travellers who try to hit some drugs during their tour in India. For your kind information, usage of all type of drugs are illegal to use in India and you can face 10 years prison in case you caught smoking or containing weed, hashish or marijuana.
India is a populated country, where you can face polluted air. If you have a weak respiratory system always wear a gas mask or at least have a bandana for being safe from pollution.


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