10 of the Coolest Web Design Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed


When it comes to growing your business in the 21st century, a clean, functional website is mandatory. No matter what type of business you operate, what industry you are in, or how you attract new customers, everything centers around a professional website.

You can’t keep the same, old website you’ve been using since 2008. It’s time to upgrade, clean up your site, and see your business boom as a result.

Whether you plan to build or update your new website yourself, or you plan to hire a website designer, you’ll want to follow some of the web design tips listed below.

Those who aren’t familiar with website best practices will skip over must-have design features and functionality. Don’t let potential customers slip away. Make sure you follow the 10 website design business tips listed below to keep website visitors engaged and convert them into customers.

1Ensure Mobile-Friendliness

Over 50% of all internet users (billions of people) use their mobile phones when browsing the web. Phones are used to research, use social media, consume content, and purchase online.

One of the most important tips for good web design is prioritizing the mobile experience. You cannot design a website specifically for desktop users anymore. Nor should you attempt to design a desktop website first, then adapt it for mobile.

Many website themes and builders come equipped with a mobile-friendly design, making it easy for your website to adapt to different formats. Make sure your website looks good and functions flawlessly on mobile.

2Consistent, Unique Fonts

The fonts you use on your website are one of the most important choices you’ll make. Considering that the most important information on your website is the copy, you need to ensure its readability.

One of the simple web design tips you need to consider is using consistent fonts. Choose one font specifically for headings and titles. Choose another, easy-to-read font for the body or content of your site. You might use a third font for menu items or buttons.

If you are looking for a unique website design, consider a retro, vintage, or otherwise bold font for use on headings to catch readers’ attention. Just make sure it’s consistent with your branding.

3Parallax Scroll

Looking for some cool web design tricks? Use parallax scrolling on your site to add a level of depth to images and backgrounds.

Parallax scrolling is when the background, such as an image, color, or texture, scrolls more slowly than the content in the foreground, such as text or button. It takes your 2D website and adds the illusion of being 3D.

Sites that prioritize artistic imagery or looking to convey creativity, such as studios, video production companies, or photographers will enjoy this feature.


The internet around the globe is always getting faster and faster. As such, websites can add multi-media elements to their website.

Use elements such as video backgrounds,¬†animation, and even audio elements. These elements can work to capture viewers’ attention, keeping them on your website longer, and ushering them further into your content.

5Abstract Art

Another of the modern web design tricks and trends is to incorporate abstract art into your design. This can be the background images and textures.

These elements are being used frequently by startups and tech companies as an alternative to basic photographic elements. The colors, shapes, sizes, and arrangements can be used to convey certain branding messages relevant to your customer’s needs.

6Custom Graphics

Most websites out there, even from companies with large marketing budgets, utilize stock photography. While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with stock photography, it’s pretty boring.

It’s better than nothing but doesn’t excite people. They’ve seen all the same images on your competitor’s website.

Instead of plain old photography, why not have custom graphics and illustrations designed? These can be unique to your brand, conveying the exact ideas you want, without boring your users.

Custom graphics can set you miles apart from your competition.

7Soft Colors

In recent years, we’ve seen websites prioritize white space on websites. While eliminating clutter and simplifying your website is generally a good thing, all-white websites are getting rather dull.

Sure, they look nice, but they don’t evoke emotion. Rather, choose unique, soft colors, such as off-white, browns, greens, and blues to make your website feel more inviting and less sterile.

Soft colors are also easier on the eyes, making it more like to have viewers stick around longer.

8Interactive Scrolling

There are many different ways you can customize a webpage to make scrolling more interesting. Rather than scrolling down a page, you can have content move up, or swipe in.

Scrolling can usher in new sections, images, or colors. You can also customize your cursor to add interest.

9Prioritize Page Speed

While not a unique tip, nor an easy feat, prioritizing page speed is still crucial to website success. If your web pages take too long to load, customers will bounce. They’ll look for another company whose website works faster.

Slow pages are also penalized by search engines. Google wants to serve its users as quickly and efficiently as possible. Faster pages will generally experience higher search rankings (all other factors being equal).

Take steps to simplify your pages and backend to ensure top page speed. Starting with a fresh, new website, and limiting plugins and add-ons is generally the best starting point.

10No Code Websites

Whether you are a business owner with no web design experience, or an amateur designer or developer, no-code websites make it much easier and affordable to build professional-looking websites.

Many website providers and platforms provide DIY, no-code website builders. Often, it’s drag-and-drop to easily put together a new website.

Maybe you still want to hire a professional to build your website, but would like it to be on a no-code platform so you can make edits in the future. Whatever the case, this type of website will only grow in popularity.

Web Design Tips for All

Whatever type of website you need for your business, following some of these web design tips will ensure your site is unique. You need to be set apart from your competitors.

Most websites are flat, boring, and uninspiring. They hardly urge us to take action and become a customer. Build something better for your customers.

Looking for more web design and business growth tips? Head over to our blog today.


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