The Complete SharePoint Review: This Is What You Need to Know


SharePoint Review: Sharepoint is an extension of Microsoft and is an excellent collaboration tool for small or large businesses. Sharepoint allows users to share documents and has the capability of storing information to the cloud so the fear of losing information is low.

Here is an in-depth Sharepoint review of the pros, and cons for anyone that is considering adopting the program for their business.

SharePoint Review

SharePoint is an extension of Microsoft Office so most likely if the company has access to Microsoft, they will be able to activate SharePoint. Here is a guide on how to use SharePoint if it is already available to you.

There is the SharePoint Server and Sharepoint online.¬†Sharepoint Server is in control of the company’s IT department who can check for issues within the software. SharePoint online is where users can use a variety of features offered to organize, adjust, and store documents that are being shared.

With many users having already used SharePoint, there are mixed reviews on how efficient the program is. Microsoft updates SharePoint for better user experience but it can still not perform to the best of its capabilities. Learn more about how to migrate Dropbox to SharePoint and file share to sharepoint migration from Apps4Rent.

SharePoint Pros

Let’s focus on the benefits of using SharePoint first. SharePoint holds individuals and departments accountable for their work.

With the ability to co-author, users can access one document at the same time and make changes without erasing someone else’s work. It allows productivity to increase so one person isn’t waiting to do their work.

There is also a team discussion board that is available so you can communicate changes within the document.

Users appreciate that they do not have to have a hard disk or a separate place to store files because the documents are saved to the cloud for easy accessibility and reference.

SharePoint Cons

Although SharePoint offers many benefits for user sharing, there have been some issues.

With the ability to have so many users upload and create changes to documents, it can become overwhelming and become hard to keep track of. It is a program that you must monitor to stay up to date with new files.

Since so many things are being uploaded to the program, it can become very slow. It is frustrating to wait for it to catch up to real-time. Other users have noted that sometimes the features can be over complicated.

There is a way to customize the homepage, Microsoft warns against it as it can slow down the program and unexpected errors can begin to form. This can become difficult when trying to keep consistency within the company’s preferred layout.

Even though there are cons to the program, it has still been able to keep companies afloat and is an organization tool unlike any other.

Try SharePoint for Your Business

After reading this SharePoint review, hopefully, it helps to decide to use the program.

It’s important to keep in mind that many users do continue to use it even with the cons in mind because it is a tool that can gear companies towards maximum efficiency especially if they have a lot of documents that need tracking or change.

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