9 Powerful Benefits of Video Marketing for a Growing Businesses


Video marketing is extremely effective because human beings are visual creatures. Research by 3M Corporation found that 90% of the information absorbed by our brains is visual. They also found that we process images 60,000 times faster than text.

Video marketing is the process of using video content to market your brand, product or service. It is mostly used as part of an online marketing strategy where videos can be used to explain how a product works or to engage and interact with followers on social media.

This is why small businesses are turning to video marketing to increase their sales and brand awareness. Are you unsure about using video marketing for your small business? Then read on for 9 top benefits of video marketing for a growing business.

1Video Marketing Increases Lead Conversations and Sales

One of the major benefits of video marketing is that it has been proven to massively increase sales and lead conversations. A study found that 74% of people that watched a product demonstration video ended up buying the product. As a growing business, you are missing out on a great number of sales if your online marketing does not incorporate video content.

2Video Marketing Has a Great Return on Investment

Video content takes time and expertise to create which is why some businesses invest in video production services. Businesses have realized the benefits of video marketing by seeing a significant return on their investment.

An interesting finding is that your video does not have to be professionally made to attract sales. What matters is that the content is useful to your target market. Even product explanation videos that are made from a smartphone perform better than having a landing page without video content.

3Video Marketing Builds Trust

The reason why video content increases sales and lead conversions is that it helps to create trust between consumers and a product or brand. You are more likely to buy a product after you see a demonstration of how it can solve your problems. YouTube content creators have also found that producing a steady stream of helpful content helps them build a loyal following that is easier to sell and market to.

The trust is created by the creation of video content that the audience finds useful. So, to reap the benefits of video marketing it is important to produce regular content that your consumers will find useful. With time, you can become a trusted brand that they will be happy to buy from.

4SEO Benefits of Video Marketing

Video content on a page can increase your SEO ranking on google by as much as 53 times. Great video content keeps visitors on your site longer. This reduces the bounce-off rate of your page and shows google that you are providing content that internet users find useful. Now that Google owns YouTube, they seem to be giving extra credit to websites that have interesting YouTube videos embedded in them.

It would be beneficial for your business to start a YouTube page to produce video content. Make sure that any videos posted are SEO optimized. You can do so by having eye-catching titles and descriptions, linking back to your website and landing pages as well as adding calls to action directing users to actions you want them to take.

5Smartphone Users Love Video Content

Smartphone technology has advanced greatly since the ’90s with many people performing most of their daily functions on their phones. One of the favorite activities people use their smartphones for is watching video content.

Most smartphone owners watch video content on their phones. In 2020 it is estimated that there will be 275 million smartphone users in the US, which is a huge opportunity for video marketing.

6Video Content is Easy to Consume

Another of the benefits of video marketing is that video content is easy to consume. Modern customers don’t read as much as they used to and prefer to watch videos for education or entertainment.

There are many demands on a consumer’s time so they don’t always want to spend the extra time reading detailed product descriptions or sales emails. On the other hand, they would willingly spend a few minutes watching a product demo. Consumer preference is one of the video marketing benefits that is driving the popularity of video.

7Videos Can Be Used to Explain Complex Information

Video marketing is especially useful for businesses that have to put out complex information to their consumers. Rather than explaining the technical aspects of a product such as a car or a phone, it is much easier to show these on video. This is why many companies are embracing video marketing to demonstrate how their products or services work.

8Video Content is More Likely to Get Shared

Another benefit of video marketing is that it is very shareable on social media. Consumers are happy to share funny videos with their network, even if the video may be a product or brand ad. Social media networks have realized the popularity of video so you can share videos on all the major networks.

TikTok, a popular video sharing network has grown exponentially because of the popularity of video amongst generation Z. The rule for creating shareable video content is to make videos that your target market would find funny. You should use Marketing From TiktokStorm to promote your company.

9Video Marketing Proves That You Are a Progressive Brand

One of the best ways to show that you are a modern business in touch with the times is to produce a steady stream of useful video content. Businesses that rely solely on writing sales emails and written advertising copy may lose out on certain market segments that hate reading. Adding video marketing to your content strategy shows that you are up to date with technology and are willing to produce content for different demographics.

Make Sure Your Business Reaps the Benefits of Video Marketing 

Video marketing is increasing in popularity so any business that is serious about growth should incorporate video in their online marketing strategy. Your brand should be taking advantage of all of these benefits of video marketing by simply getting started with some content.

We discuss more tips on how to be innovative with your marketing visuals on the site. For more tips on how to create video marketing content, read the rest of our blog.


  1. You made a good point that videos are more likely to get shared around so they are perfect as marketing tools. I thinking about hiring a business video production firm for the new ice cream shop that I’m planning to open. Have very aesthetically pleasing shots of the different flavors would surely catch the attention of people have a sweet tooth.


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