A Bit About Berries


Health is an important factor in life, which is good considering this is what keeps us all alive. Most health-conscious people do keep track of what they are putting in their system. Convenience is another factor running everyone’s lives, and most believe it’s rare when the two can meet in a harmonious combination. Health is prepped meals. Convenience is microwavable dinners. This does not have to be the case. You don’t have to choose between health and convenience. Nature has provided a quick snack even the most health-conscious can enjoy: the berry.

Berries are filled to the brim with components to help you be a healthier individual. Check below for five berries that can easily be added to a diet.


Blueberries is technically not a true berry from a botany standpoint. Scientifically speaking, blueberries are known as a false berry. It’s not alone in this sense as strawberries and raspberries share this title. Despite the lie we’ve all been subjugated to our entire lives, there is truth to how healthy these little blue fruits are. Front and center, blueberries are famed for their antioxidants.

When your cells are being damaged, antioxidants are the shields that step in for protection. This is why they are important to consume when you’re sick. You can aid your body in preventing illness by ingesting antioxidants regularly. Here is where the blueberry shines. Due to their size and taste, it’s easy to add them to meals or snacks. Common recipes include blueberry syrup, salads, and shakes. Popping a few into your mouth is also an option.


If you are looking to improve your brain, blackberries might be the answer. Due to their antioxidants, blackberries go after the free radicals attacking the brain and prevent its cells from being harmed. Going even deeper, they can change how neurons in the brain interact with each other, leading to less inflammation and damage. Its believed that these fruits can promote better short-term memory and increase brain performance. In addition to this, the manganese found in blackberries promotes better brain transmissions. Blackberries can be made into a sherbert, cobbler, and ice pop. You can also try to more creative dishes and turn your blackberries into a sauce for meats.


Cranberries shine during the fall season and disappear during the others. Cranberries don’t have to be limited to the holiday season; they are an all-year treat. Besides being a popular sauce, these fruits are famous for their juice. Anyone who has suffered from a urinary tract infection can vouch for how helpful cranberries are at cleaning their system. Cranberries are also capable of clearing out kidneys and bladders.

4Acai Berries

In recent years, the acai berry has been popping up almost everywhere. It is now considered a main component of breakfast by many. For those still unfamiliar with the fruit, acai berries come from South America and have become popular due to their anti-aging properties. Acai berries share qualities we’ve seen in the other fruits before it, such as being rich in antioxidants. Because of its high levels of antioxidants, they are popular for those trying to improve their skin, hair, teeth, and eye. This is because their antioxidants destroy the free radicals attacking the cells constructing these parts of the human body. Scientists are still examining how affected acai berries are in the battle for youthfulness, but the findings will hopefully point to them being a powerful ally.


Yes, grapes are berries in the eyes of botanists. Like the cranberry, these make it into both our food and drinks, offering up a variety of ways to consume them. Grapes are near and dear to many people’s hearts, and this is a good thing considering they are helpful to your heart. The resveratrol in grapes can aid the body using glucose. This can point to lower blood sugar. Due to their potassium levels, they help prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Red grapes, specifically, can absorb bad cholesterol. Other than wines, grapes are good for making jam and vinegar.

For more information about berries, be sure to check out the Berry Health Benefits Symposium. The conference highlights the research behind them and how they improve our health.


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