Choosing the right Parka for yourself


In early days, Parka was known as jackets that were worn by people who like to ski or go on snow expeditions. It usually used to come in two basic colors – navy blue and olive green. These parkas were stuffed with down, to keep you warm and did not have any style. A lit bit of embellishment was the fur on the hood. Women did not have much choice in cold weather. But the times have changed and so the fashion industry as well. Today, there are entire lines created only for women who are business oriented, recreational or sports kinds. Now a woman can find clothes that are fashionable, tailored made and colors that compliment their entire wardrobe.

It is not a tough task to select a Parka. But there are few decisions to be made before purchasing like the amount of warmth required in a jacket, the length and the style, insulation preference and whether the parka you choose will go through wet weather condition.

Style Options Available

Stylish parkas for women are available in wide range of materials. There is a full range of fashionable colors offered. Various waist and hip length options, with or without hoods can be chosen. In today’s time, you can even own a parka, which is dressy. For exterior fabrics, sheen material can be used. There are parkas available for dressy casuals that are made from thinner insulating fabric to give a cut and style. But thinner insulating material parkas does not always means less warm. Today, there are fabrics available that are thinner yet warm.

Length of the Parka

Depending upon the use and how it would be worn, a parka length should be decided. If you are wearing it as a dress coat then a traditional coat length should be chosen. If the parka is to be worn for sports, then a shorter length would be suitable as it helps in free movement. A waist or hip length parka is chosen by the females who are sports enthusiasts. But it is important to know that the parka would only keep the body warm till the part it covers.

Parka For Woman

Warmth of Parka

Parkas are used mainly in winters so the most important factor is to know how warm the parkas should be. Manufacturers who specialist in sports goods would make them according to the coldest temperatures, which would make them comfortable. For women, who are not living in very cold areas an insulated jacket design would be comfortable. The insulation would also depend on how comfortable you want to be and whether you want a fiber that is naturally insulated like down or synthetic fiber. The basic advantage of a parka is they have the ability to retain the heat and if you get wet, then they would dry up easily. On the other hand, down material is light in weight and is crosier. The cost of the down material parkas is higher, but they tend to last long than the other one.

To sum it up, parkas are now an important women winter collections. With new styles and designs parkas can be worn both on weekdays and weekends. Thanks to the designers, they offer so many colors and patterns that make the wearer look awesome.


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