6 Missteps To Avoid When Choosing An ERP Solution For Your Business


There are several things to be considered before running a business or an organization or a project on a large scale. We may think that we handle all the possible areas of the business all by ourselves but it is not that simple and easy. With definitely need an outside help that would make sure that all our tasks are done not just on time but are flawless, for a single, small mistake could cause a huge problem in our work; and the unfortunate thing is, we may never be able to identify where the problem came from in the first place; we may start blaming several aspects, sides, areas of our business in the attempt of finding the problem and fixing it before it proliferates and causes more problems. Just to avoid a situation as such, it is always a good idea to divided the tasks on several heads so that you are able to locate as well as fix the problem before it causes a huge trouble for you or your business. Now here comes another concern. Of course you are thinking why should you divide the task into multiple labors which, in turn, would cost you quite a bit. We are speaking in terms of wages and salaries. The more people you hire for different jobs, the more there is investment. It would have been a great support had there been a chance of having all these departments handled by a single person – a single resource. Now we have come to the point. There does exist a system that enables your business to avoid such inhibitions by offering you the support of managing most of the parts of your business. What system is this that possesses this ability to integrate all the important parts? What are those important parts? How costly is it? What are the things that you need to avoid before opting for a system? How reliable is this system? Have other businesses made use of this system? How was their experience?  To answer all these questions, we will use this article in elaborating on every doubt that you may have regarding this system

What is ERP?

ERP is short for Enterprise Resource Planning. As the name suggests, an ERP system software ensures the working of an enterprise by following up, managing and supporting the several pillars that hold up the building of an organization or a business. These several pillars include purchasing, inventory, planning, sales, marketing, human resources, finances and a few more. Given all these areas, it is quite interesting to know that a single system can manage and handle all these areas. The conventional way of going about it was industry-based, but now it could be done through a cloud-based software as a service. Even the experts get overwhelmed at the sight of this huge landscape of a software/system that promises to handle such a magnitude of a business. Because there are chances that the experts or the users of these software may cause errors or make poor choices at the time of making a use of this software, we will help you out by writing down a few things that you can avoid while planning to get onboard with ERP system. But before we mention those things, you should know the benefits of having this system you’re your organization:

  • Better customer service: With this system installed, you would have the customer service all the time available at your doorstep. It means, once you have handed over the responsibility of all these areas of your business, you could not even have to worry about the problems that may occur. You can just consult them and have your problem fixed.
  • Better supply chain management
  • Reliable and faster flow of information across the multiple areas of the company: this greatly depends on the strategies, policies that an ERP source uses in order to update and upgrade your system. For example, a reliable internet connection in one of the most important things that should be considered.
  • Saves extra costs
  • Short cycle times
  • Lower inventory levels

You and your company can definitely enjoy all these benefits but before that, you need to make sure of a few things. For example, it is important to know which ERP system you are going for. Not just that, there are many choices to be made after you have selected a system for your company. To help you avoid problems at this point, we are going to write down a few points. Read further to have a look at those pointers:

Missteps To Avoid When Choosing An ERP Solution For Your Business

1Being unclear at listing out the requirements and needs of your organization/company

Before you plan to get an ERP system for your company or organization, the most important part is to know the requirements and expectations from the ERP system you are going to have onboard.

2Not doing a thorough research on the variety of ERP software

The second mistake people often make is finding and exploring the compatible ERP software for their company. Not every company has the same needs and requirements. One you have identified the expectations of the results you may have from your ERP concerned experts, you would know which ERP software would best benefit your enterprise.

3Making the wrong choice at opting the software

The worst that could happen to your company is having an incompatible, incapable ERP system installed with your company. It could lead to multiple hazardous consequences. You business may have specific needs and requirements. You can ask for specific, customized facilities in the like manner and have your business work in a harmonious environment.

4Incompatibility between your business and the selected ERP software

As stated before, the worse that could happen to your business is having a team on board that doesn’t understand the needs and goals of your enterprise. Your duty is to make sure all the areas are well-managed by your ERP support.

5Weak connectivity with the after-sales support

You have to consult with your provider the amount of support or service you will receive after and during the implementation of your ERP software.

6Never choose an ERP system based on cost alone

Money should never be an issue when it comes to bringing an ERP support to your company. If you compromise on that, you may lose something bigger; for example: the goals and results you expected from your ERP support. Don’t settle for an inexpensive offer. Keep in mind that you need good results and reliable service.


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