Why Upholstery Fabric Will Change Your Life?


Practicality is one of the factor people would stick to old, plain and inexpensive furniture not unless they have a budget to alleviate the house d├ęcor. But who doesn’t want a house or an office to look clean and elegant? If you could invite a visitor to your home, they would have a different impression on how your house could look like, especially on the sofa or cushions that they have sat on. Some might say it’s cosy and fancy. Some would say it looks small and depressing. However, if you would enter a house, a new restaurant or an office with great ambience and stylish upholstered furniture, it definitely brings a different kind of satisfaction. Upholstery fabric would not just provide aesthetic but comfort. Here are some great things about Upholstery Fabric that will change your life for the better.

Increase productivity

Having a great environment, tidy and classic surroundings could increase productivity in every endeavour. It has a significant impact on homeowners or even employees work. It can help create great ideas when things are presented beautifully. Moreover, upholstery fabric is also used as drapery and curtains. If someone was in high traffic areas, it could help noise reduction.


Most people value money as much as health and relationship. Normally, we check price-tags if specific items are within our budget. Upholstery Fabric is guaranteed economical. The material like natural fibres is readily present in the market. It’s widely available in every country because it’s in demand. Upholstery fabric has numerous varieties of colours and patterns, so asking for discounts would not hurt a retailers seller’s bottom line.


Most fibres have low surface thermal conductivity resulting in softer and more comfortable feel. It depends on how the fibre is being entangled. Using upholstery fabric on your sofas would be the great option. You would feel more relaxed while watching your favourite Netflix shows or NBA games.


We tend to buy things base on appearance and style. This is true not just for upholstery but for clothes, appliances and gadgets. However, durability might not be considered when purchasing furniture. Upholstery fabric has different properties, but one of the best characteristics is its strength. It can stand the test of time. You might be able to pass it down from your soon to be grandchildren.


It can’t be argued that upholstery fabric brings different ambience and elegance in a room. It has been used for many decades and is passed on from generations to generations. Classic style doesn’t quickly go away, just like adding leather sofas in a living room or an office. It appears to be sleeker and high end.


Upholstery fabric wear and tear depends on the grade of fabric. High-quality fabrics will withstand wear, and most of the materials are treated with a stain-resistant finish to prolong its life. They can be easily cleaned with special products or handheld steam cleaner. You can use a vacuum, little clean white cloth, and gentle dish soap and upholstery brush. The vacuum can do the suction for dirt and dust, followed by a technique for stain removal. In other words, it’s easy to clean as long as homeowners would care much of their furniture.

Choose the Right Fabric

Having a specific plan would be ideal for someone that has a tight budget. This is to avoid wasting money on materials/ furniture that is not needed. Consulting a fabric expert would be best. For beginners, you can visit a local upholstery fabric store/ or inquire to an online site to get ideas about what fabric would best suit your need. Upholstery Fabric has numerous types it includes natural and synthetic Fibers.

Synthetic Fibers

  • Nylon- with a high durability and high resistant in abrasion, mildew, insects and wrinkling, it’s ideal for people who hate stains as its easier to clean.
  • Olefin- it has high resistance in moisture, mildew, abrasions and chemicals. It shows excellent performance for heavy-use upholstery.
  • Linen- one of the most robust fibre and can stand for many years. It is classic and breathable. However, it has less resistant to stains and fading.
  • Acrylic-great fabric for outdoor upholstery. It is quick-drying and resistant to sunlight, fading and mildew.
  • Acetate– made to imitate “silk” in its shine and lustre. It gives furniture and luxurious feel. Acetate is known to have high resistance to humidity.

Natural Fibers

  • Cotton- Cheapest of all, fibres. With stability and comfort. It provides a soft and warm feel to your furniture. It has excellent durability and high resistance to fading and stains.
  • Silk- High-end fabric that’s why it more expensive than other material. It is recommended to be used in a formal place without much heavy use. It requires to be cleaned professionally if something was spilled or soils furniture.
  • Wool-is one of natural fibers that have durable and sturdy properties. Additionally, it’s resistant to pilling and staining is highly suited for people who are living in high traffic area.
  • Linen-one of the natural fiber that are much affordable because printed designs are on linen, which gives more intricate designs on the fabric. On the contrary, it’s it wrinkles and stain easily so it needs to be professionally cleaned to avoid further damage and size change.


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