What Is the Best Payroll Software for Large Companies?


There are many great payroll software programs available, though it’s a great challenge for large companies to find the best payroll software for their needs. As a large company, you cannot do with only the basic features that all payroll software comes with.

So what is the best payroll software for large companies?

Once you have determined the needs of your company you can set the criteria for what makes your ideal payroll software.

We’ve prepared this guide with some of the best payroll software available and their features. Use the guide to look through the features to see which one works best for your company.

QuickBooks Payroll

This is one of the best-known payroll software for large companies. It works well with basic bookkeeping and also provides a real-time visual display of your cash flow. This is an easy software to learn so it’s favored by many accountants with no prior knowledge of payroll software.

It’s known for its quick payroll processing, compliance with filing tax returns, as well as printing checks.

If you want to use the safe option go for QuickBooks Payroll as it’s the preferred choice for most businesses. As a complement to this software, you should also use an online generator to create check stubs for your team members.


This is not as well known but is one of the hidden gems among payroll software. This software is one of the easiest ways of paying your team members through direct deposit. You can count on paperless onboarding and can offer many benefits from deductions, reimbursements, and garnishments when making payments.

It’s a more simple software but works well for large companies. It’s renowned for its reliability and excellent customer service.

You can also find many advanced features that you rarely find in other payroll software. This includes online hiring, background checks, employee screening, and applicant tracking.


This payroll software is favored by many customers and is gaining traction among larger businesses. Gusto is made for automating and simplifying payroll tasks.

You can calculate overtime pay and have them added to a paycheck. You can offer reimbursements, deductions, and garnishments. You can prepare checks and make payments through direct deposit.

Your employees/contractors can be added with a few steps. You can also request for them to self-enroll to the payroll program. You can compute expected pay on an hourly or salary basis. It also has automatic payroll tax processing.

If you have a payroll department that isn’t familiar with prior payroll software, this is a great option to choose from.

Find the Best Payroll Software for Large Companies

Now you know what the best payroll software for large companies are, you can choose the right one for your business. We recommend that you take a free trial of the software to see which one works best for you.

Ask your accountant what is the most affordable option for your company. You also want to ask your payroll department which software they find the easiest.

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