Top Workout Tips to Build Muscle Fast


Are you like many people, you want to build muscle fast? A lot of people say you can’t build muscle quickly, but the truth is that you can. At least you can when you know what you’re doing. With that said, below are some of

The Top Workout Tips to Build Muscle Fast.

Do These Three Exercises

One of the quickest ways to build solid muscle fast is to do dead-lifts, squats and barbell bench press on a flat bench. These three exercises train virtually all parts of your body, which is why you want to do them on the same day. The bench press works various muscles in the upper-body, while dead-lifts pretty much train the entire body and squats train your lower body.

What you want to do is perform 2-3 sets of each exercise, but at the end of your regular workout. Do this three times per week. For example, at the end of chest day, you can do 2-3 sets of the barbell bench press, followed by dead-lifts, followed by barbell squats. If you do this for 4-5 weeks, you should be able to gain some muscle mass, as well as strength.

Squat A Few Times Per Week

Another tip to build muscle fast is to squat a few times per week. You can do a few sets of barbell squats at the end of your workouts, but only do this maybe 2-3 times per week. As the weeks go by, you should pack on some muscle because squats are the king of leg exercises and train multiple muscles at the same time.

Bear in mind if you do barbell squats at the end of a workout, don’t use heavy weight. This is because you’ll be squatting a few times throughout the week. Therefore, you don’t want to overdo things or put yourself at risk for an injury.

Squat Before Exercises

Squatting before you perform an exercise is a great trick to help you pack on solid muscle. Squats can actually give you a boost in testosterone levels, although it is temporary and short-lived, it is still enough to use it to your advantage. You don’t want to squat before doing every exercise, just on the first exercise of your regular workout.

For instance, if you train back today and the first exercise is dead-lifts, then squat before you do your dead-lift. If it’s chest day and barbell bench press is the first exercise, then do a quick set of squats before doing the press. Do this for each set of the first exercise. You’ll be surprised at how much more you’ll be able to lift or how many more reps you can get in.

Use Giant Sets

Jump on a giant set workout routine, which involves choosing four or more exercises for a single body part. You do those exercises one after another, and then you take a short break after you’ve done the last exercise. This is one giant set, and then you go on to do it all over again, in the same sequence.

What you want to do is a total of 4-5 giant sets for the body part you’re training. This will be the equivalent of doing 16-20 regular sets, if you are doing four exercises for the body part you’re training. After a few weeks of training with giant sets, your physique will be completely transformed.

This is important, only use giant sets for about 4-5 weeks straight before switching back to your old workout routine or to a new one. They are intense, so don’t use heavy weights either. In fact, stick with light weights and aim for at least 10-12 reps per set. This doesn’t sound like much, but it is.

The benefits of a giant set include being able to wrap up a workout within a short period of time. Giant sets are intense and will have you feeling the burn after you are done working out. Not only that, but they double as a cardio workout, so you’ll burn a ton of fat while training. Trust us when we say you’ve experienced nothing like a giant set workout.

Do Push-Ups Between Sets

Whatever you’re training on the day you step foot inside the gym, do push-ups in between sets. Instead of taking a short rest period, do a few reps of push-ups, even if you can only do a few and even if you have to do it on your knees. Just make sure to do push-ups between every set of exercise you do and do this for the next 6-8 weeks.

Those are our top workout tips to build muscle fast. The main thing is to be consistent and to not give up. Do not get into a routine and then stop following it because this won’t produce results. As long as you do the above and you’re consistent, you’ll build muscle fast.


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