The 6 Best Beaches around El Nido


El Nido island is currently on the top spot of Conde Nast Traveler’s list of “Most Beautiful beaches in the World.

An island getaway in Palawan renowned for its white sandy beaches, vibrant display of coral gardens and gateway to other stunning islands, El Nido, Palawan had been dubbed as one of the best island escape in the world.

El Nido is located at the North Eastern part of Puerto Princesa and 420 kilometers South West to that of Manila. It is a first class municipality in the province of Palawan known for its extraordinary natural grandeur.

Travelers from all over the globe journey all the way to Palawan to have a taste of the place called “paradise on earth”. The island is currently on the top spot of Conde Nast Traveler’s list of “Most Beautiful beaches in the World.” Whether it’s the local or foreign tourists, they can’t seem to get enough of El Nido and had become their yearly traditions to visit this fascinating island province.

The island is blessed with the abundance of natural wonders. These natural graces are seen laid out in its waters, terrain and its affluent flora and fauna which are showcased all over the island. It is these well-preserved innate refinements of El Nido that makes it astounding and eagerly pursued by many.

El Nido may be famous for many beautiful features but one of the things that the island is celebrated for is its prepossessing beaches. If you’re yearning to have the best tropical experience in your vacation, then no doubt, El Nido is for you. To prove the magic of the island, here are the 6 best beaches around El Nido.

Cadlao Beach

A tropical getaway outside the busy city, Cadlao beach offers the most relaxing site for a travel vacation. It is one of the holders of the best beaches around El Nido. With its crystal clear waters, fine white sand and stunning panorama, the beach is the perfect destination for people seeking for that quiet escape.  The glass-like waters in the area make it an ideal spot for some exciting swimming and snorkeling adventures.

La Cabanas Beach


Just a few kilometers south of El Nido, is the La Cabanas Beach. It is legendary when it comes to clear waters and soothing sunset sessions. The coast exhibits the most gratifying painting of the golden sky and tourists love to hang by the beach waiting for the sun to do its magic in the high heavens. La Cabanas beach is surely an excellent spot for that peaceful seclusion.

Nacpan Beach


If you’re in El Nido then you should never miss Nacpan Beach. It is one of those unspoiled beaches in the island known for its glorious crystal clear waters. The beach is prominent for travelers who want to have a peaceful getaway. Making the place even more fascinating is the fact that is connected to another shoreline- Calitang beach. The unique formation of these two shorelines gave rise to the title “The Twin Beaches of El Nido.”

Star Beachnews_star-beach

Another big name for a snorkeling spot is Star Beach. Star Beach in El Nido is famed for its crystal clear waters, amazing limestone backdrops and fantastic underwater artistry. It is one of the best sand beaches of El Nido, granting its visitors serenity of nature and outstanding water experience. Star Beach personifies the wealth of El Nido in its marine resources in its array of sensational aquatic creatures and multi-colored corals.

Tapiutan Island


Discover marvelous rock formations and secluded beach spots in the island of Tapiutan. It is known for its excellent underwater scene ideal for some snorkeling adventures. The long gigantic pointed rock walls and towering marble cliffs seen around the island create a breathtaking setting to the place. These stones do not only add aesthetics to the island but it also keeps it away from the uproars of the open sea. It is one of the most popular islands in El Nido where multitude of scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts love to visit and explore.

Front Beachnews_Front-beach-in-El-Nido-Palawan

Front Beach in El Nido provides the most restful view. With nothing but the calm waters, startling landscape and dramatic skies, it is simply one of the finest. The small boats floating in the open waters is a sight appeasing to see. This dreamy scene of seafaring, tranquil waters and the glowing sky is nothing but picture perfect.

Without a doubt, El Nido hosts many of the top beaches of the world. It is blessed with boundless natural resources that makes the island one of the best there is. An unspoiled paradise on earth, El Nido continues to baffle people with its phenomenal grace and beauty. El Nido is indeed a paradise beach like no other.

Want to step into this island paradise and experience its great wonders? Make it happen!


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