5 Best Golf Destinations to Visit in 2021


If you are a golf lover and had always wanted to explore the top golf destinations in the world, then you have landed at the right place. We have scrutinized the globe and listed out the five best destinations for you to explore. Although, if you ever wish to experience the golfer’s paradise, start from Algarve Golf Courses

West Cliffs, Portugal

This ultra-luxury golf course in Portugal is a hit because it is the one designed by a woman and is truly beautiful and one of a kind. Retention of the natural beauty of the landscape brings out the essence of the park. We highly suggest that you visit this course. It is built with easy and difficult holes. And along with this, you get an unimaginable hospitality in the resort.

Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort

You will not believe your eyes when you set your eyes on this beautiful golf course. The seaside, cliffs and the view from this course is nothing short of breathtaking. We are sure you will have to pinch yourself to believe that you are standing in such a bewitchingly beautiful place. The golf course is designed for the supreme level, but needless everyone can enjoy a game here. This is one resort that every golf player must visit once in his lifetime.

Marco Simone Golf & Country Club

This club has gained its popularity by being a host to the 2022 Ryder club. This club is an undiscovered gem for golf lovers. The course is perfect for practice for all types of players. Plus, it is an ideal holiday destination in Rome. The golf resort is magnificently situated near the sea and it has all the nature’s enthralling beauty captured. A golf player will be thrilled to play golf on this nicely designed course. The hospitality offered by this resort is also unparalleled. The game here gives an ultimate sense of satisfaction to the players.

St Andrews Old Course

This is one of the famous golf courses in the entire world. Situated in Scotland, this golf course has been a favorite for golfers for many years. Just like its name, it is an old but famous golf course. The royal family has also played many games here and enjoyed stays at St Andrew’s. If you plan a golf holiday here, you too can have a nice leisure with a luxury holiday here. You will surely enjoy a course that borders a coastline and has mesmerizing views. Make sure to visit this course whenever you are in Scotland.

Dumbarnie Links, Scotland

Again, located at a distance from St Andrews in Scotland, this golf course is a hit among golf players. People have truly recommended this golf course with total zest. The double elevation gives the players all the practice that they need. Nature has given a lot of advantages to the course and you can find its magnificence at first sight. You can thoroughly enjoy the panoramic views while playing the game.

So if you are planning golf trips in 2021, make sure to add these to your bucket list. You will surely have a memorable golf holiday.


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