5 Must Have Golf Essentials You Should Keep In Your Golf Bag!


If you are asked to pare down the basic essentials of your golf bag to a few essentials, what important things you will pick?

With so many different things available for the golfer, it is possible to reach at the golf course with a crammed full of more things than an average player would require. While a golf bag stocked with few tees, clubs and a few other things is essential, there’s no harm in taking a step ahead. So, better err on the side of caution and come prepared with these 5 essentials:


Not all golfers wear playing gloves in normal weather conditions. However, rain gloves will come handy when the weather veers.  Further, the best golf gloves will offer excellent breathability, top-shelf comfort, great grip, and durability.  There’s no way you can compromise with these gloves because they will directly affect your game and will improve your swing. Golfing gloves will also help to prevent the calluses at the hands and help to maintain the good grip when the hands are wet.


The pitchfork is a golf divot tool, that is designed to fix all divots on the golf carts. If you don’t have this small equipment at the golf court, you are not a professional golfer.  Further, the golf green is a very delicate place and thus should be taken proper care, that’s when a pitchfork comes in mind. Golfers use this tiny equipment to repair the damaged grass, which is caused when the golfer brush it by using clubs. If the players have the divot tool, they can easily repair the marks to keep the golf course clean and grass in healthy condition.

3Distance Measuring Device

Rangefinders or distance measuring devices let golfers measure distance so that they can hole from the current position. A typical rangefinder is an optical device, which is aimed to locate flags, bushes, distance to the trees and other obstructions that come in-between the golf range. Further, rangefinders are more accurate than the GPS devices.

Also, some golf rangefinder reviews claim that don’t require you to download maps. They will help you accurately measure the distance to different courses and will give you track of average distance for each club.  With a rangefinder, you can also calculate the information on how far you can easily hit the target.

4Golf Clubs

At the basic level, a golfer should have a putter, a driver, iron, and wedges to hit the ball.  Ideally, golf packages are designed for both beginners as well as handicappers, offering you the best opportunity to hit the strike. Don’t forget about the important role of golf grips, too. The basic golf clubs are of two types:

Wood And Iron

While both wood and iron golf clubs are an important part of the golf kit, both serve a different purpose. Iron clubs are made of metal and are used within the 200 yards of the court. However, wood clubs, on the contrary, are made of wood and also have a large head, offering you to hit the ball over large distances.

5Golf Tee

A golf tee is a wooden or plastic object that is pushed or placed into the ground to let the ball sit on the top of it. Tee helps in making the short easier. However, it is only allowed for making the first tee shot.  A conventional tee is made of spikes featuring a small cup at the head to let the ball sit on it. While wooden tee is quite disposable, it can break during the round of course.

However, the plastic tee is made to last long. Further, the length of the tee varies according to the size of the club; longer tee allows golfers to position the ball higher off the ground, the shorter tees are ideal for the irons and get easily inserted.

So, whether you are carrying the golf bag or simply trolleying it pre-prepared than over-filling it, don’t forget to keep the above essentials to keep up with the golf game!


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