Benefits of Xamarin Development


Xamarin is famous portal among app developers. They use it to build up web, mobile and desktop applications for different operating systems. Utilizing this site, app developers may create apps for iOS, Android, Microsoft. To better understand this platform’s advantages, you are recommended to read this brief summary about it.

How Does Xamarin Development Function in Programming World?

Xamarin is a well-known cross-platform. It is used for developing desktop mobile, web, or applications. A group of engineers launched this platform in 2011. Previously, those engineers developed MonoTouch and Mono for the Android operating system. This platform uses .Net source to run some applications. .Net is a famous network framework which enables app developers to work on creating apps more quickly.

Moreover, Xamarin, along with vue development has valuable materials, programming languages, and open libraries. Its toolset is flexible, and an app developer may create an initial code then use the same code for creating apps. The same code can serve as a base for applications for Android, Microsoft, and iOS operating systems. 90% of the initial code may be shared to almost all well-known portals. Although Xamarin does not have a long history, it has already gained much popularity. It has a community with over 1.4 million members. Developers may use C#, F#, or Visual Code for the app development. The app created with them will be compatible with many other major platforms. Taking into account its rapid growing popularity, Microsoft purchased this platform In 2016. Since then, Xamarin is used to create and develop applications within the Microsoft network. The apps created through this platform may work as native ones. It offers novel features and functionality, which allows the developers to save a lot of time and energy. One may not find any problems with creating applications through this platform. It may work well on PC and MAC systems. Using Visual Studio for an app development may give the best outcome.

Xamarin creates a connection between the created code and the initial code used for the platform that an app should be developed for. It has two commercial products to offer to the developers; Xamarin. Android and Xamarin.iOS. Thanks to the ease of use and effectiveness, many famous app developing companies worldwide use this platform. It has many benefits and allows the developer to bring their ideas into reality.

Pros of Xamarin development

Sometimes it is challenging for an app developer to decide what platform to use for the app development. There are two choices; native or cross-platform app developer. The final decision depends on several factors, such as the nature of the project, the requirements, and the features that a potential platform offers. In most cases, cross-platform app development may be a bit more expensive than the native ones; however, it works faster and easier. Moreover, the same code created with it can simultaneously be run on different platforms. Xamarin is one of such platforms, and working with it has some advantages.

  • Native like or almost native app creation. Xamarin allows the app developers to create apps that are native or almost native-like using Xamarin.forms. This platform applies to APIs, which are currently used for Android, iOS, or other famous platforms. Moreover, this platform ensures the efficiency of apps developed within its framework. Therefore, it may have no issues while working with Microsoft, Android, or iOS.
  • It uses only a single programming language, C#. Saving time and getting the best result is essential for any app developer. Xamarin uses only C# to create code, which can be used for many platforms without any problem. This is especially helpful for new app developers since it is easy to get used to its toolset and use in the future.
  • They are sharing the same app code on different platforms. It enables reusing the same code for various platforms without making any significant changes. This reduces the time and effort used for app creation. In addition, app developers may use the same codebase for multiple platforms.
  • Using Xamarin may save a lot of money too. Since the task completion is done through a single platform, a client may hire a small team to work on a project. The task will be done much more efficiently within a short period,
  • Testing is a part of the whole process. Unlike some other app-creating platforms, Xamrin allows to test and control the application creating process continuously. Thus, a developer may find any issue during the process and solve it without wasting time. This will save a lot of time later when the app is released.
  • Open-source library and Support from Microsoft Team. Xamarin has a wide range of open sources and develops its functionality all the time. Moreover, this platform is supported by Microsoft, which makes it much more stable and accessible.
  • They are keeping the whole project with ease. If a developer makes any changes during the process, he may save them without worrying about losing them. This helps to save time and money later on.

Considering the wide range of benefits that Xamarin provides, it is evident that it may be profitable, much more practical than some other cross-platforms for app development.

Cons of Xamarin

Like any other app developing platform, Xamarin also has its disadvantages. However, learning about them may help to overcome them and create better applications.

  • The size and space. The applications created through Xamarin are heavier than the ones created by native apps developing platforms. This is because the app requires more adjustments and takes up much more space than the native ones. This may discourage many users from using the applications created through this platform.
  • A lack of complex graphics. It is challenging to build complicated and complex graphics through Xamarin since it does not have them.
  • Issues with new updates. Since the Xamarin team works on the existing codebase of operating systems, sometimes they have problems with new updates. It takes some time to make the adjustments that apps created by Xamarin will work with new versions.
  • Smaller team. Compared to other companies, Xamarin has a smaller community.

Final Words

Despite the disadvantages, the advantages of Xamarin development outweigh. It used to create different applications. The ease and convenience of this platform make it accessible for everyone. In terms of efficiency and ease it is helpful for app developers and clients.



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