Keep Your Bedroom Cool In A Heatwave With These Decorating Ideas


It’s always nice to be able to bask in the sunshine, and enjoy those long hot summer nights. But when it comes to sleeping, the last thing you want is to be battling with the heat. With these simple styling ideas, you can keep your bedroom a place of cool tranquility during those summer heatwaves.

Change up your bed sheets

The first step is obvious as it’s the main focal point of the bedroom and the place where you lay your head to rest. Switching up how you dress your bed in the summer season is vital to keeping cool while you sleep.

Your best bet is stay away from synthetic materials and invest in some luxury bedding instead, which will ensure that your bed not only looks indulgent, but is lightweight and breathable. A natural material such as the finest cotton or linen will help maintain the right temperature as you sleep.

It’s not just the sheets that are important — during a heatwave, it’s time to ditch the duvet. Try switching to a light, low tog duvet, or get rid of it completely and just lay the sheet over the bed. Choosing a crisp, clean white coloured bed linen, or a shade from the pastel family, will also reflect light and heat to keep the room cool.

Introduce a cooling colour palette

Colours play an important role in the atmosphere of the room, and different shades can create a certain mood that we wish to feel when entering the room. Therefore, to keep things fresh in the bedroom, you should incorporate a colour palette that is light and airy.

You can be inspired by coastal colours of light blues and greys, or create an Indian summer mood inspired by yellows and pastel pinks. Using accent cushions on your bed or boudoir chairs, is an easy way to inject these colours into the room, and can be switched out during the different seasons.

Light accessories, dark windows

Using decoration and stylings that are light and bright are important to keep your bedroom cool during summer. Just like our clothes, dark objects absorb the heat more than lighter ones, and so will also heat up your room more than you would like it to. Light or white accessories, especially on the bed, will ensure this doesn’t happen.

In contrast, when it comes to dressing your window, you want to be able to block out the light that can introduce more unwanted heat, whilst letting in a welcome air flow. Wooden venetian blinds or shutters work particularly well in doing this, as you can alter the slats to filter out the light, but still allow a cool breeze to circulate. The material is also a natural heat conductor, so will absorb the heat before it hits the room, and help to keep warm out during this season.

Depending on where your bedroom faces, a blackout blind or curtains can also be effective in hot weather. You should consider keeping them closed throughout the day to maintain a cool temperature, and contrary to belief, a thicker fabric in this case will actually help regulate the heat in the room. Plus, as the nights get longer and the mornings get brighter, a blackout window furnishing will help to get a better night’s sleep and a longer lie-in, by keeping out the light of brilliant sunshine.



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