The Best Weekend Getaways To Explore From Pune


One of the most developed cities in India, Pune is known for its dynamic culture and emerging educational and commercial hubs. Apart from the modern and cultural wonders the city has to offer, Pune’s neighboring region is equally beautiful. If you’re planning for a trip to Pune, don’t forget to check out some of these amazing getaways.

Explore From Pune

Brimming with people from all cultural backgrounds, Pune’s cosmopolitan culture has several wonderful things in offering. For the people living in the city, there are hundred of things to do – from admiring historical monuments to enjoying a scintillating nightlife. But, even the city life could become a little hectic. For just when you feel like walking away from the sounds of city, here are some fantastic weekend getaways you can explore from Pune.

Solapur – Situated on the banks of Sina river, this ancient city is known for its famous Jain temples. According to the historians, the city was an important province under the British rule and a cluster of sixteen villages (which translates to ‘sola-pur’ in Hindi) hence the name. Situated at some 250 km from Pune city, Solapur is known for Pandharpur village, which is also considered as the southern Kashi. One of the finest religious centres in the country, festivals of Ashadhi Ekadashi and Kartik see millions of devotees thronging to the city. If you’re interested to learn something about the ancient Marathi history, take a Pune to Solapur train and enjoy a fantastic weekend.

Nashik – Touted as the ‘grape city of India’, Nashik is home to some of the best cultural wonders of Maharashtra along with great religious history and beautiful vineyards at the fringes. Almost every weekend is packed in this city, because of the number of cultural and adventure activities happening in the region. Nashik is also home to several ancient temples and one of the home ground for much celebrated Kumbh Mela, which happens once in every twelve years. You can also take a trip to the famous Sula Vineyards and even participate in their annual Sula fest. Adventure games like Marathon is another great way bring out that kid in you, and have fun on a weekend.

Lavassa – Known to be amongst the first planned city in India, Lavassa is a treat from mundane city life. Situated at about 60 km from Pune city, this new-age establishment is spread in the valleys of the Sahyadri range and offers breathtaking view of the locales of the region. The beautifully painted and arranged homes and shops might seem like being present in some European neighborhood. Lavassa is also perfect for planning a hiking and camping trip and exploring the greenery of the Western Ghats.

Sinhagad – Sinhagad, which means ‘lion’s fort’, is a popular destination to explore during weekends. If you’re interested in some adventure activities, you can either go solo or join an adventure group and explore the beauties of the Bhuleshwar range, a part of the Sahyadri mountains. According to history, Sinhagad was one of spot where the Anglo-Maratha war was fought. The Sinhagad Fort, though in ruins, provides much evidence and pieces from the historical battle to learn about. Apart from the fort, the breathtaking view of the valley is something you can always Instagram.

If you’re planning to visit these fantastic places, you’ve to reach Pune first, which is easily connected via major carriers like Go Air, Air India, Indigo and more. So, what are you waiting for, plan up a great weekend near Pune!

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