Curtains: What Exactly Are You Looking For In Them?


Sometimes all it takes is a set of drapes to change the entire look of your room. All you need is a set of four bright curtains to transform your otherwise plain looking living room into something spectacular. The very first thing that you have to think about when you are choosing a set of two or four curtains is the style you have in mind. No matter which room you want it for, you sure have a style in mind. So are you looking for….

Something elegant and classy? – Silk or velvet is what you want in such a case. These curtains are usually thick and fall well, giving that touch of glamor to your living room. However, one problem with these drapes is maintenance as they cannot be hand or machine washed. The curtains have to be dry cleaned and maintained with care as they are also very expensive. Hence, they are not a good option if your window faces the road with a lot of dust entering your house. Cotton satin or silky rayon blends are better options here.

Something that stands out?– We all want that one thing to stand out in our living room. While for some it is a stylish coffee table, for others it is the carpet while for others it is the sofa set. If you want the curtain to stand out in your living room, avoid colors that blend with the walls and other interiors in your living room. Choose a brighter color that pops out to complement your living room walls and furniture. However, you need to ensure that your window does not receive the direct rays of the sun if you want bright curtains, as bright colored fabrics tend to fade faster. Lighter shades of pink, yellow or orange are a better option here as they blend with the sun’s rays giving your living room a cheery effect. If you have watched the Malayalam movie Bangalore Days, you will know what I am trying to say.

Something crisp and neat? – Most women like their houses looking neat. Cotton and wool are the best options here. Not only do they sit well on your window without flaring at the bottom or falling in an unpleasant way, but are also very easy to maintain as you can get them washed with ease.

An Eye On The Pattern- You may love prints, but when it comes to furnishing your house, you have to decide which one you want to have in prints, your curtains or your other furniture. If you already have printed furniture in your room, choosing printed drapes wouldn’t be a good idea. You can use printed curtains if you have solid colored furniture in your living room. The kind of prints also plays a role in determining the look of your house. So, if you are looking for something stylish, you need to go for smaller prints and if you want the bold effect, larger prints would be a better option.

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