6 Cafe Furniture Trend You Can Use To Make Your Cafe Layout Look Totally Unique


In the age of so many food delivery apps, the restaurants and cafeterias must put in extra effort to ensure that food lovers will come in. Maintaining and providing top-notch dining experience is no longer enough to attract the attention of the clients. Restaurant and café owners will have to do better than that concerning theme selection and ambiance development.

Additionally, one must pay attention to furniture selection. Home décor and cafe furniture fall in two different categories and are as different as chalk and cheese. An experienced interior decorator will be able to explain the differences and assist in picking the right items for the beatification of the cafeteria.

The emergence of the furnishing trends in eateries

Over the years, several interior décor trends have come and gone in the interior decoration sector. Every trend takes time to fully develop, and then rules the internal décor market for a certain span. Then it starts to fizzle out, making way for another trend to come under the limelight. It is a dynamic sector, and the designers are trying to push the envelope to come up with unique and creative designs. However, it took some for the restaurant and café owners to realize the importance of the beautification of the commercial eateries. Over the last decade, the scenario has changed, and designers are getting restaurant and café decoration assignments. It offers adequate opportunity for the decorators to spread their wings, and gain more experience. If you think that anyone can plan the decoration of an eatery, then you are living in a fool’s world.

Interior designers need to keep several things in mind before they start planning the beautification. The primary task is the development of the theme. The décor theme must be in line with the food that the inn eatery serves. A restaurant that offers authentic Chinese food must not have a Middle Eastern décor. It will create confusion in the minds of the guests and will highlight the decoration related incompetence of the owner. Such disasters will pave the path for negative reviews on the social media and virtual review platforms. Deciding the theme of the eatery is only the first hurdle. From selecting the color scheme for the walls to picking the furniture, these are tasks, which will become challenging without the assistance of an expert. If you do some research about the cafe furniture trends, you will see a detectable change over the years.

1. Opting for the minimalistic pieces

Gone are the days when café owners thought that the decoration must be over-the-top to attract the attention of the customers. The trend in 2019 is all about using minimalistic yet creative furnishing items. New-age clients are no longer impressed by intricate carvings on the false roof, dim lighting, and standard seating arrangements. It is time to include the new modifications in the restaurant decorations. Furniture designers are working on simple yet creative designs, which are subtle in appearance. When it comes to utility, these pieces will prove more proficient than your standard seating arrangement. A custom-made ‘S’ shaped table will allow the café owner to place chairs on both sides of the table. As you can change the length and width of the table as per available space, it will enhance the layout of the restaurant.

2. Using colorful furniture

Using subtle and pastel shades are a thing of the past. Youngsters like a splash of colors in their lives. So, adding bright hues in the restaurant furniture is an impressive idea indeed. But the color scheme and arrangement must be planned carefully. It is best to use contrasting colors for the tables and chairs. Instead of placing mono-chromatic chairs around the same table, placing different colored chairs will enhance the beauty of the arrangement. It will also create a playful ambiance in the eatery. It is the task of the interior decorator to plan the placement of the differently colored tables and chairs. Apart from enhancing the look of the eatery, this unique furniture selection will help the café to grab eyes for all the right reasons.

3. Recycling is in fashion

Another popular trend is to recycle and reuse things. Before throwing light on the perks of using recycled furniture for enhancing the layout of the restaurant, one must realize that it is a cost-effective proposition. You will find such cafe furniture at the local flea market. These are not only inexpensive but will also add character to the interior decoration. It is easy to mix-n-match such pieces with vintage and modern items as well. By including these furnishing items, the café owner can improve the restaurant layout.

4. Custom-made designs

A quick look at the restaurant decoration trend highlights that eatery owners are opting for custom-made furniture for their cafés. It gives them the freedom to work with the available space. As the furniture manufacturer will take the measurements, and come up with befitting designs, you can be rest assured that the items will work in unison to improve the look of the eatery.

5. Landscaping inside the café

Apart from purchasing unique pieces, another trend that also enhances the layout and appearance of the eatery is interior landscaping. Interior decorators suggest that using plants will add freshness in the café. Creating a living wall with interior plants will impress the food lovers significantly.

6. Incorporation of personal touches

This trend will form a better link between the café owner and the diners. However, interior planners suggest that this trend will work better for small restaurants. But if used tactfully, it can work for the medium-sized eateries as well.

If you want the eatery to remain continuously relevant, you need to focus on both food quality and café beautification. For a novice, it will be challenging. If he/she hires the services of an experienced décor planner, then the task will become easy. If your café is not getting much footfall, it might be the right time to think about the revamping the seating arrangements and beautification for enhancing the layout.


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