Apps to Spy on Text Messages Without Accessing Phone


There are people who always want to hack text messages without access to phone. The following are 3 top apps to help you spy on text messages. Each of the apps would help you not only at spying on text messages but also many other things such as that of the calls, GPS location, Facebook messages and many more.

Auto Forward Spy

This app is the ideal one for those who want to hack on to a cell phone without having the possession of one. The app here helps you to access to every cell phone remotely with the use of OTA link. All you need is to download, activate and login to the same. You can start looking at the information from the monitored phone instantly after login in to your secured account. To extract the text messages from any phone that is being monitored, this app is a great one to try out. You can also have the access to the deleted texts and collect the data of every call, GPS location, and much more.

Highster Mobile

To get hold to the outcomes, this is easy to use and is extremely fast. They utilizes the best technology and is downloaded over 1 million times and going pretty strong. This is one of the best cell phone spy apps that you can get hands onto.

This app has been in the market for a pretty long period of time and they technology remains the excelled on in the spy applications. You just cannot miss this app here. This is a tried, tested one, and works with all Androids and iPhones.


This app can be utilized to spy on a cell without the actual possession of one as this is one of the latest app that is used here. This app works on both Android and iPhone with the latest versions of both iOS and Android.

When you buy this you will get hold of unlimited lifetime upgrades and complete telephone support.

Android and iPhones are the two types of devices that dominate all over the mobile market. Today we have narrowed down on the best spy software that would work on both operating systems. There are several reasons to why you want to hack onto someone’s phone here.

All you need is to get hold of a company with the three basic important features and they include:

Telephone number: This is not a good one when you can pick the phone up and speak over to someone. You need to go through the website and make sure that the contact details that are provided are legitimate ones.

No Fess involved: Never indulge into programs that include monthly fees. They results in endless nightmare when you try cancel the subscription and the bills starts piling up as never before.

Customer Support: You also need to ensure that you have the complete customer support involved here. Just emailing will not help you here. All you need is to get hold of a company that actually works to receive text messages from other phone.


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