Aiming JEE 2019? Take the Digital Route


Recently, it was announced that the newly formed NTA (National Testing Agency) will conduct JEE. It was also announced that JEE (main) will be conducted twice a year, in January and April. The exam will be conducted in an online mode according to the notification. Since students can apply for the exam two times a year, they can prepare better and through different mediums.Considering the fact that JEE will be conducted online, students should consider taking the digital route for the preparation.

Only the most-prepared students can crack JEE to secure a seat in any of the top engineering institutes. And, the digital route enables a student to be prepared thoroughly. To pursue engineering in India, it is mandatory for every student to appear in JEE and get the best score. One’s score in JEE determines their All India Rank,which will further assess the college they will get.

JEE is one of the most competitive exams in India, owing to the sheer number of students who appear in it, coupled with the vast syllabus of two years spanning across three subjects. It can get incredibly overwhelming to prepare for JEE,and many students adopt different preparation strategies to give their best shot at acing JEE. There are many ways to prepare – and there is none that can be held in a standard way.If something works for one student, it might not be enough for another. IIT online courses are the latest addition in the education space and are changing the way students used to prepare for JEE. They are quickly gaining traction and are the preferred way to prepare for JEE.

Here’s how taking the digital route will help ace JEE

 1. The Reality of Video Lectures

IIT online courses are equipped with video lectures that students can use to study for the JEE exam. The advantage of video lectures is that they can repeatedly be watched until students understand a specific topic. IIT online courses such as the one offered by Aakash iTutor is equipped with 1500 hours of video lectures recorded by expert faculty. However, the digital route also has provisions for live interactive classes where students can be a part of live classes and record them for future use too. Online learning is also preferable for students who lack good coaching institutes in their vicinity or students who don’t want to travel to a new city altogether for their studies.

2. Easy Doubt Resolution

Online learning has evolved to a point where students can get their doubts resolved from behind the screen. IIT online courses offer students services that include doubt resolution classes, asking doubts during live classes, or emailing questions. This service is beneficial for all students because while preparing for JEE, they will come across many doubts.

3. Prepare Thoroughly By Appearing in Practice Tests and Quizzes

Most students are apprehensive when selecting between online and offline mode of learning. However, the truth is that students will get everything in IIT online courses as they would in the offline classroom learning mode. Practice tests and quizzes are two such factors that determine the score in JEE exam. Appearing in practice tests will up the chances of clearing JEE exam with a good rank. Online platforms like Aakash iTutor provide students with more than 1000 practice tests.Moreover, students also get a chance to appear in the prestigious AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series) that will gauge their performance at the All India Level. Solving practice tests is a must,and every student who gets into IIT regularly appears in the same.

4. Course Material

Online learning platforms offer students the best study material. They can navigate through the chapters, highlight important aspects and search through the material at a click. With Aakash iTutor, students get 200+ eBooks that are prepared by experienced Aakash faculty. The entire course material is incredibly interactive and easy to understand. Furthermore, parts of the study material are backed by graphical representation. Students can also adjust font size and take notes inside the course material. In this day and age, online learning is equally good as traditional learning.

5. Choose Your Pace

Being able to choose your own pace while preparing for JEE is one of the significant reasons for selecting IIT online courses. Students can make their routine and schedule their time the way they want. They can also save precious time on commuting to a coaching class in a different part of the city. With online learning, students can readily access all the information whenever they want, right at their fingertips. Not only is this a more natural way of learning, but it also helps in managing time.

Taking the digital route to your JEE dream can help you get a seat in the top engineering colleges across the country. It is the preferred mode of learning and gives students an edge to prepare for the exam as they like. Choose among the IIT online courses and get started with your JEE preparation.


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